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    FBX WIPs and Build Blog

    Hey all! I'm a returning Gunpla enthusiest who recently built his first 1/144 after 20 years. Since the last time I built Gundam I was cutting parts with scissors and thought nubs were just something you dealt with, I very much consider myself to be a total beginner so I think it makes sense to track my own progress along with my builds.

    Although I knocked off the rust with a 1/144 Act II Zaku, I wasn't satisfied with the two hours of build time and decided to jump to 1/100. IBO* got me back into Gundam so I started there. My current WIPs are Barbatos Lupus Rex and Bael, both 100% built and in various stages of customization.


    On Barbatos i've only clipped the collar armor to allow the head more freedom, and tried out panel lining with a mechanical pencil. I don't think it looks too bad, but i'm not going to continue until I get a smaller pencil. Bael I used Gundam Markers to panel line and provide accent highlights and I think that turned out much better. I also built Bael using the standard progression as opposed to the suggested manner of frame first listed in the IBO Full Mechanics inserts and enjoyed that process more.


    I also tried my hand at painting one of Bael's wings. I still like the concept, but the execution is definitely lacking. Needless to say I need to thin my paints and be more careful with my masking. I'm looking forward to stripping this and trying again, as I want my Bael to be as sleek and shiny as possible. As I improve, I'm looking forward to goldwashing the swords, which I've already filed to sharpened edges.

    Up next for me is Kimaris Booster Type! I'm going to try accent painting the frame as I go this time.

    I've only been building again for about six weeks, so I definitely welcome some feedback from everyone! Thanks for taking a look!

    * - Unicorn deserves a lot of credit, but I'm saving it for my first 1/60 or 1/40 if one's out there!

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    Re: FBX WIPs and Build Blog

    Welcome back in! It definitely took me a few months of cutting my teeth again to get back into it, and it's looking like you're off to a good start! As far as a Unicorn, there's the Mega Size Unicorn that's 1/48 scale.


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