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    Trying to Identify an episode

    I bought this vinyl record from Japan which I thought was just the soundtrack but on the B side of the second vinyl, I found this audio track which sounds it could be a straight up rip of an episode, but I don't understand Japanese enough to make anything out and it's been a while since I've watched the original Gundam series.

    I've uploaded it to youtube, I'm hoping someone here will be able to recognize it.

    Here are some photos I took of the sleeve.

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    Re: Trying to Identify an episode

    It doesn't appear to be a collection of images from one episode. The vinyl collection is for MSG The Movie 3: Encounters In Space.

    However, the third MSG movie is comprised of episodes from the MSG series. Episodes 31-43. So, you can find the corresponding images there. With regard to the audio, it's from episode 41. When Amuro and Lalah fight and make their newtype connection.

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    Re: Trying to Identify an episode

    Thank you so much. I would never have figured it out.


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