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    got a used master grade Rx-78 3.0 missing core fighter

    I recently got a used(hardly) rx-78 kit however I seem to be missing the core fighter parts. everything else is here and I'd like to proceed to build it but on page 18 of the instructions it looks like I need to use the core fighter to marry the torso and the legs. has anyone built this kit and do you know if I need this part for the final assembly or would I be able to continue without it?

    thank you

    (if this is the wrong topic for this post please move it)

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    Re: got a used master grade Rx-78 3.0 missing core fighter

    The 3.0 should have what is called a "core block".s_m172_27.jpg

    The core block is used a substitute for the core fighter.m172_58.jpg

    By any chance do you have the core block?
    If so your all good.
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