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    Howdy howdy howdy!

    Hello all! I am FanboyX or FBX for short. My addiction to plastic crack began with super robots, specifically Transformers, in the mid to late 80's. As a teen in the late 90's Big O and Gundam Wing caught my attention on Cartoon Network and I dipped my toes into Gunpla at the end of my model hobby phase.

    20 years later I found a battle worn RX at the bottom of a case of TFs I had in storage, starting watching IBO and Unicorn, and checking out build videos on YouTube and started to get an itch. I'm starting from scratch, so I don't have the best tools, set up, or camera for that matter but it's got me building and I'm cool with that.

    Below is my budget set up along with a 1/144 Act II Zaku (my return build) and a WIP 1/100 Barbatos Lupus Rex frame (my 2nd and current build).

    Thanks for having me! I'm looking forward to learning and building more as part of this community! Take care!

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    Re: Howdy howdy howdy!

    GUNPLA: Noun, or PronounL "I can't come into work today, I have Gunpla."
    Pronunciation (Gun-pla-aaaarrrrrggggg-I'm-Broke) ; A social disorder commonly found to manifest in the late to mid teens. This disease can be contracted at a very early age, as young as 5 to 10 years old, but the gestation of this disease can range from 5 years up to 20 years. Mainly depending on the financial situation of said individual. This as of now in-curable disease can only be maintained by the proper application of, the smell of Lacquer thinner, CA glue, the peaceful hum of an Airbrush compressor, and or various douses of viewing Gundam Shows. (All thou watching these shows has been know to aggravate this disease further.So do so with extreme caution.)

    Symptoms include one of, or all of the following.
    A full knowledge of many or all Gundams suits and their back story
    The need to show pictures of their gundams before showing pictures their actual children or family.
    Self inflicted cuts from hobby knives, and in some cases the gluing of fingers together.
    The inability to refrain from stopping all activities when one even remotely thinks they saw, heard,felt the word "Gundam" mentioned with in their surroundings.
    Makes a budget plan around the release date of a new Gundam coming out.

    Welcome to the Pride! My fellow disease ridden fool! We are actually a very friendly group, feel free to ask any questions about building and what not.

    To error is human, to forgive is divine, Luckily I'm neither of these things!

    My WIP: http://www.gundamforums.com/showthre...816#post274816

    My built stuff:http://www.gundamforums.com/showthre...eys-Big-Garage

    My Blog postings. https://gundammonkeysgarage.wordpress.com/


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