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    Gundam Model Kit Sale

    There is currently a closing sale at a shop that sells Gundam near me. I have already bought a few and if you guys are interested I can buy you guys some as well. Act fast because I'm pretty sure they are gonna sell out fast. Message me if you are interested.

    1/100 Sinanju Stein - $64

    1/100 02 XXXG-01SR2 Super Nova - $64

    1/100 Mobile Suit RX-93-1/2 Hi-V Fighter "Ver. Ka" - $75

    1/100 Astray Red Frame - $50

    1/60 Gundam Seed PG MBF-02 Strike Rouge + Skygrasper Orb Mobile Suit - $190 - $230 (gonna have to recheck price)

    1/60 MBF-P02 Fighter Astray [Red Frame] - $180

    1/60 Gundam Unicorn Fighter Full Psycho-Frame Prototype Mobile Suit - $170

    1/35 MSN-06S Bust New Zeon Customized - $400+

    I will buy and ship these to the best offer. Please decide within the next 24 hours because I'm sure they will sell out soon. If you think one of the prices is too high please tell me and I will try to bargain with them. I'm new to Gundam model building so please be gentle with me. Thanks!

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    Re: Gundam Model Kit Sale

    Is this sale still running, or are they sold out and closed up? I'm interested in the Sinanju Stein. If they'll go lower, even better.
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