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    [UC] MSG 0082: Shattered Sun

    The date is November 13th, UC0082. Independent Action Task Force 05 is tasked with protecting the incoming Colony sent from Earth as part of the Colony Reclamation Project. IATF05 consists of A Columbus Class Refit, the Havoc, a Salamis class, the Ranger, and a Tivvay class, the Roedean.

    The Havoc, commanded by Commander Alec was refitted with multiple point defense turrets and can house 12 mobile suits. Currently only 9 are held by the Havoc and a mere 6 are active. Teams Bullfrog and Centaur are docked on the Havoc. The Ranger houses no mobile suits but was modified to house a large external missile container for both defensive and offensive purposes. It has docking clamps to hold MS but no facilities to repair or refit them. The Roedean, with Commander Vighten in command, carries 7 suits from its limit of 10. Teams Lancer and Crusader fly from the Roedean.

    Colony Lexon will be arriving within the Republic of Zeon's sphere of influence shortly so the combined TF has met to begin their joint operation. With Zeon having independence, Commander Vighten will oversee the operation. Since the One Year War has ended, the space outside of Mundo has been quite quiet, everything is expected to go smoothly as the colony finishes its week long journey to its orbit.


    Commander Amanda Vighten appears on a terminal in the barracks. "Lancer actual, lieutenant, I need you to the bridge please." and the screen promptly cuts to black.When the commander appears on the terminal, Avacyn is seated on her bunk with a book cracked open and a glass of fine, Zeon wine next to her with the bottle to fill it half emptied. However, duty calls, or at least the commander does. So, she places the bookmark in and sets it aside, drains the last of her glass of wine, corks the bottle up and sets it aside before departing for the bridge. When she arrives, she locates the commander and salutes. "You called for me, commander?”

    Commander Vighten is floating freely on the bridge of the Tivvay class. The various deck crew are busily bouncing from screen to screen. Outside the bridge is the endless void of space with a small speck of light in the 12 O'clock position. "At ease Lieutenant, do you see that light dead ahead? That is a colony. It will house millions of people for the Republic. I don't think I need to explain how important it is that we can get that into orbit successfully." she says as she pulls herself down into her chair. Avacyn floats her way into a comfortable place nearby. "Yes. I do understand that it is absolutely vital. Population continues to grow, even with the war having taken its toll on our people. I assume that is why the Federation is here, too. To ensure that things go smoothly?" She side-eyes the commander. "Are we expecting trouble? If this were a Fed colony, I could understand, but it's not." Amanda nods once, remarking "It is unlikely, but not everyone in Mundo was happy with the decisions of the government. The people at axis being an example. If the Federation was expecting trouble they wouldn't only be sending a whale and salamis. Space has been quiet for almost a year, but there's plenty of people able to start trouble if they want to.” 0The Zeon Commander continues "President Bakharov called me personally, the government just doesn't need any problems right now. There's still wounds to lick, don't need to add another to the list.” Avacyn nods, understanding. "No trouble is expected, despite there being people around able to cause said trouble.”

    She crosses her arms and leans back against a console. "Perhaps we should deploy preemptively under the guise of a peacekeeping mission to show people that we're not to be trifled with and that we expect appropriate compliance with the new treaty and the Republic? If nothing else, it would allow us to respond much more quickly to any issues that do arise.” Vighten scratches her chin while saying "I only have seven pilots, leaving all of you out on patrols, even rotating flights, would fatigue you rapidly. Under ideal circumstances we'd have two or three Musais with us, or at the very least a full complement of suits. I fear we will need to actually cooperate with the federation in order to keep an effective CAP.” Avacyn looks back out into space. "Sitting around an MS isn't all that much different than sitting around here. It'd be more to be seen than actually doing anything.” She pauses for a moment and fiddles with a small coin or some such item, twirling it between her fingers. "Perhaps a couple short patrols, just to make sure people know we are there. An hour or so, tops. Minimal exertion to conserve fuel and preserve readiness.” The aged woman then grabs a tablet and begins tapping away. She follows it up saying "We can do that, I will have you ensure the structure is intact as well, have you kill two birds with one stone.” Avacyn smirks faintly in victory "That sounds good." She transfers the coin to her palm and holds it firmly in a closed fist. "I do have a pilot that will love to get out and stretch his legs a bit. Besides, I could use some fresh air. Or at least fresher than the recycled stuff on this tub." She makes a slight gesture with her other hand to indicate the ship. The commander agrees "The colony has its atmospheric system fully intact, the whole thing is ready to go minus a crew to run it and people to live on it. Some 'shore leave' may be in order at the conclusion of our mission.” Vighten stands and pushes off the chair to the navigation console, looking to the screen for information. "Mhh...." Avacyn shifts a bit. "I'll have to inform my squad that we'll be going out. Some preparation will be needed and I'll take some time to review a patrol route”.

    She gives the commander a stern look. "Will we be involving the Feds? We'll likely want to contact them to inform them of our intentions to deploy. They might not like it, otherwise. Could be seen as unnecessarily threatening”. Pushing herself back from the navigation desk, Vighten responds "We can't go much further, the border of the Republic is only about 600 kilometers from here. Patrols will occur once the colony, whatever it is named, is within our borders.” "That's not very long, then. I had best get to work." the Lieutenant says following it up with a brief, informal salute before floating off to get her squad roused.

    The engineer turned MS jockey grumbles with a screwdriver in his mouth trying to finally finish some daily service on the Zaku II Kai that was assigned to him. The MS was a beast compared to the usual Zaku II but it also burned way to much fuel. In his opinion Zaku II was more stable than this wild horse but the sarge said to him better be safe than sorry. After a few grunts the replaced cable was tightly screwed in the inner workings of the machine. "Frag, this is a job for the repair crew and not some greenhorn ensign like me.” Finally finished with the small repairs he takes his well-deserved break while sipping some fruity juice from zero-g packaging. Not long after, and with nothing better to do Dante jumps into his suit and turns on the combat simulator mode

    The youngest of the Lance pilots lazily relaxes in his bed, discontent with being cooped on the Roedean. His lieutenant walks in, hand on her hip. Kenji rolls out of the his bunk suddenly full of energy at the idea of getting off this ship "Finally something interesting! Are we gonna get on the new colony? I'm sick of this damn ship." "Yes, as I said, we'll be patrolling the colony. There's no one out there, and it should remain that way, but at least we'll get out to do something. Besides, I have a feeling the commander anticipates trouble, so being deployed early will not hurt" the veteran remakrs. The young man looks very excited "Music to my ears" He floats over to the door "I can't wait to take that Dom out of a spin”.

    The Republic of Zeon was desperate for working MS, even to the point of putting together a standard ground type dom and deploying on the Tivvay, while not useful in space, the Dom would be an unexpected threat on the colony if anything were to cook off.

    "Yes, it will be nice to get out there and do something productive." Avacyn steps inside further and looks around. "Where is Ensign Dante? Not here?” Kenji shakes his head "He left a while ago. Didn't say where he was going, probably going down to fiddle with his suit." Avacyn rolls her eyes and turns towards the door. "The engineers are going to rip him a new one, one of these days.” the novice pilot replies "Gonna go kick his ass for it boss?" expectantly looking for entertainment. Avacyn raises a brow at Kenji. "And why would I do that? It's not my job, nor has he really done anything wrong yet, aside from irk engineering." She pinches the bridge of her nose and lets out a sigh. "Just make sure to get ready. We'll be deploying before tomorrow." Kenji stands and delivers a well rehearsed salute.

    After a solid hour of practice the mechanic savvy pilot goes to check up on the engineers and give them the daily report as usual. While there he convinces them to play some cards while listening to old war stories and some radio music. The stash of rum they begin sipping is their own little secret.

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    Re: [UC] MSG 0082: Shattered Sun

    Good So Far. Keep It Coming!!


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