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    Question What if you used the B-Club High Mobility Zeong parts on the MG Perfect Zeong

    In 2003, B-Club released a set of High Mobility Type Parts for the Master Grade Zeong from 2002. The box art for the conversion kit is pictured below.


    In 2004, Bandai released an MG Perfect Zeong, which was based on the 2002 MG Zeong. The box art for the MG Perfect Zeong is pictured below.

    So, for years, I have been wondering about what would happen if the High Mobility conversion parts were used on the Perfect Zeong, with the leg parts attached. Does anyone have any guess on how this would turn out? I ask this because of not only how Punishingly Difficult it is to find the High Mobility Type Zeong conversion set, but also due to me not even having enough space for an MG Perfect Zeong. But then again, who knows how this Perfect Zeong: High Mobility Type would turn out.

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    Re: What if you used the B-Club High Mobility Zeong parts on the MG Perfect Zeong

    It would probably work out pretty well. The Perfect zeong is basically the regular zeong, but instead of the 2 huge front skirt thrusters, its replaced with leg joints. The High Mobility parts just go on the backpack so it should have no major effect.


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