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    Re: Would you want a "Beltorchika's Children" anime adaptation?

    Quote Originally Posted by jaster-jesek View Post
    I just don't think that the people currently running the franchise are capable of putting out a good Gundam series.
    BINGO, this right here.

    1989-1996 were the best years for Gundam to me. All of my favorite Gundams were made in that time.

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    Re: Would you want a "Beltorchika's Children" anime adaptation?

    I wouldn't mind an Anime adaptation of it, so long as it was done right and made it fun for the fans XD

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    Re: Would you want a "Beltorchika's Children" anime adaptation?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheWhiteWolfofSolomon View Post
    Personally I hope they leave this sleeping dog the heck alone. It took till the end of unicorn to put it to rest that char and amuro were dead in parts of the fandom. Last thing we need is another "new translation" to cause the fan base to lose their minds over. (Can see it now, CCA fans vs BC fans).

    The truth is the whole thing is a *blank* grab to change how two fools threw away their lives for the stupidest ideas of how to change human nature, while accomplishing nothing. The fan fiction part is suddenly making them spawn in order to create a bloodline to continue the tomfoolery.
    All you would need to do is substitute out Gundam V for Gundam X.

    Make Jamil the great-grandson of Char and Nanai

    Make Lancerow the great grandson of Amuro and Beltochika.

    Gundam X does answer the Newtype question, that was left lingering after CCA. Mainly because Tomino had moved on from Newtype magic and stuff. F91 and Victory have Newtypes, but their roles and uniqueness are played down. A lot like how Gundams and their history were forgotten about during early F91 and early Victory. Plus, unlike Wing and Seed, which both draw inspiration from MSG, X could fit into the main UC timeline without much difficulty.

    I'm so bad. I'd give the suits at Sunrise/Bandai ideas. Haha


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