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    Red face XDEPREDATEX's WIP Thread

    I've been a ghost on these forums for so long now, but I've finally got some gunpla to share with you all! I'm sure this may be a common feeling amongst people on these boards, but y'all know the feeling of geeking out over gunpla and no one you know irl actually gets it? That's why I'm here to to interact with my fellow gunpla addicts!


    I present the HGUC MSN-06S Sinanju. This is honestly the first kit I've ever gone through all the stages of painting and completed. I just finished the water slides after HOURS of work. I still have a few things left to take care of which is a final matte topcoat, and scratch building an ankle joint. Does anyone have any recommendations? I was going to construct it out of pla plate most likely.


    This will definitely be the first of many post in here as I've got an HG Rezel and an MG Astray waiting for me. Feel free to critique me or comment on anything you notice!

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    Re: XDEPREDATEX's WIP Thread

    IMG_1837.jpgAttachment 20623IMG_1842.jpgIMG_1844.jpgIMG_1849.jpgIMG_1845.jpg

    This was surprisingly a quick and easy build straight out of the box. I had some reservations about the style of the kit but now that I have it all together I'm quite into it. I didn't bother with the wave rider mode since those have never interested me, but it's always a cool option and adds some more dynamism to the kit. Before building these last two Unicorn HG's my last experience with them was from the early-mid 2000's kits and WOW. I am thoroughly impressed with how far the engineering of these have become. It's easier to build and there's so much more articulation, color separation, and surface detailing.

    Looks great
    Wave rider option
    Minimal foil stickers
    Minimal seam lines
    Good color seperation

    Falls apart easier than I'd like
    A bit too top heavy w the backpack
    There's one large seamline on a major part that's not well hidden
    No open/closed hand option

    I enjoyed this kit, it was cheap, and I had a good time!

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    I like the Shinanju. White forearms look good. The gold lines on forearms - they are not stickers, right?

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    Re: XDEPREDATEX's WIP Thread

    Yeah those wrist cuffs are like the chest, knee, and shield where it’s raised. Super simple for reverse washes, but I just hand painted them.


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