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    Finally! Primer experiment done.

    Okay so most of you know I have been like a mad scientist recently when it comes to homemade mixes and primers. So I finally found the mixture for a primer that I like. It took a lot of trial and error but here we are.

    The mix:

    1ml - Liquitex Flow-Aid w/o water.
    6 drops of CreateX Retarder
    20ml Elmer's white school glue
    75ml 91% alcohol

    Mix everything but the glue in and then add the glue in stages to mix completely.

    That's it and it's that simple.

    I have had no issues spraying it out of my airbrush at all. From 20-45psi no clogs and no issues cleaning it out at all afterwards. It leaves a translucent finish and to correct this I have added different colors of acrylic paints for different looks. It is also nice because it leaves a very nice and fine finish to paint on top of. Below are some examples.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this!

    Here it is mixed with white and Grey just to show that it goes on smooth. There are a few specks of dust in the Grey so please disregard that I'm not using a booth.

    To add to the post I have sprayed black on top of the other ones now.

    Black on gray and then black on white. I really like the results. Also it is super durable.
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    Re: Finally! Primer experiment done.

    Well look at that! Looks like it came out pretty well, are you still using this method? I am all for DIY stuff as long as it's up to snuff with the legit.

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    Re: Finally! Primer experiment done.

    How durable is it? Does it hold up to scratches? Is it sandable?
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