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    Straight-built MG Enhanced ZZ Gundam

    For my first non-intro post, here's my straight-built MG Enhanced ZZ Gundam!

    The most noticeable difference among those between the E-ZZ and the standard ZZ is the larger missile backpack. It reminds me of Macross.

    I'm kind of surprised I managed to do the martial arts-like pose, given the sheer bulkiness of the kit. However, coming from a MG Strike Remastered as my first kit, the range of articulation was definitely more limited.

    I'm open to more pic requests if you want different angles!

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    Re: Straight-built MG Enhanced ZZ Gundam

    Very clean! Almost too clean, would love to see some more detailing added because it looks like that kits got some great panel lines. Good straight build tho!


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