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    Hello from Korea

    I came across this forum after doing a search for other online Gunpla communities, and it seems this place is pretty lively overall.

    I'm sure I'm like a bunch of other people here - built a couple models during my teens (HG Maxter Gundam, some grade of Gun-EZ or something like it), and recently began building again (more like, last autumn).

    I keep my sights set only on MG and PG because I like the presence from size, and just so I don't go on massive shopping sprees and trying to hoard all the HG kits out there. It sucks since there are certain kits that are only available in HG, but it helps keep my wallet from being totally flat :P

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    Re: Hello from Korea

    Welcome to the wonderful money pit we call Gunpla! I had the same mentality I started with only MGs I liked the size (my eyes arn't as great as they once were) but then the need for cheap practice pieces came into play and I got a HG an I found that they are sometimes better than the MGs! plus you can fit more on a shelf than you can with the MGs. Don't get me wrong I still get MGs when I can, but don't count out the HG line. It is rather good. 1/144th is a good size, plus the RGs are 1/144th and they are incredible to build! Also unlike my PG kits an the MG kits, if I break or lose a part they are easier to get extra parts off of people and it doesn't hurt quite as much as say losing a couple parts to a PG. That sucks!! especially when they no longer make the damn kit anymore. (looking at you PG GP01)

    Either way you go welcome to the forums and ask any one for any help or tips, we are a giving type here. You don't have a PG GP01 that you would be willing to sell parts from do you?? Sorry I had to ask, I always ask.

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