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    Favorite MS Design/Model (not Gunpla)

    All the newer models from different series/centuries/universes are all well and good...but I have a soft spot for the RX-78 series of Mobile Suits...nothing flashy, they are tough, built for a purpose, no sleek curves or wings or misc thingy mabobers...gimme a good ole RX-79(G) EZ-8 or RGM-79 (G) any day, take an RX-78-2 over the RX-0 without hesitation...utility over cosmetics...

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    Re: Favorite MS Design/Model (not Gunpla)

    I personally don't like the RX78 it is just boring, and it just feels forced. Like if you build Gunpla you MUST make the RX78. But I like the EZ-8 it looks a bit more realistic, and more urban combat ready than a bright white and blue pretty boy suit. But for all over design I like the Zeon suits. They have nicer lines, and curves. They look a bit more organic in nature and bulky yet maneuverable. And be honest who wouldn't want giant spikes on shoulder armor?? Right!

    On the Gundam side of things, give me a ZETA any day. It has a boat load of actual different versions, unlike the RX it is not 'Just a newer paint job" and the more crap you can put on it the better. The growth of the ZETA is great. ZETA to the S-Gundam to the ZZ Gundam, then it goes to the F.A.Z.Z. Gundam and then becomes the wonderfully over built XS Gundam, that thing is super GREAT! I mean dude it becomes the Deep Strike for crying out loud!

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    Re: Favorite MS Design/Model (not Gunpla)

    As it is likely no suprise I feel in love with the Mudrock back in zeonic front. Everything about that unit turns me on. My favorite part is the beam sabers mounted on the cannons. Not sure why, but i do.

    I also love the Gyan. I like the slim knight look it has. It's boring yes, but elegant.

    Lastly I feel in love with the Guison Rebake. I really can't pin point what exactly but that unit just pleased me from the first still we saw of it.

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    Re: Favorite MS Design/Model (not Gunpla)

    I personally love the design of the Exia and the Barbatos Lupus/Lupus Rex.

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    Re: Favorite MS Design/Model (not Gunpla)

    Favorite MS design is this bad boy riiiiight here.


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    Re: Favorite MS Design/Model (not Gunpla)

    I really like the look of the Barzam for some reason. Something about that angular head and the shark fin on top.

    Of all the mass-production Gundams, it is definitely my favorite.

    I also like various Zaku models, Gouf, Efreet, and Gyan as well as the Leo and Serpent, the Berga Dalas (I just wish it were more colorful) and the GINN, BaCUE, and Guaiz.
    If I had to pick a favorite Gundam, I think I would go for the Altron Gundam or Gundam Epyon. But generally Gundams just by the virtue of being Gundams means they are somewhat limited in creativity so it is difficult to get too excited for them.
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