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    Re: Vile's Project Room

    Making some progress here. Final Fantasy Dissidia NT has kinda been getting my attention again so I haven't worked as hard on this as I should have. The shoulders are slowly filling. I think one more putty round will do the trick. For the backpack I am planning to cut the beam saber mounts and run a small dowel through it, pinning it tp bith cannons. The hot know made them messy so this week I'll be sanding and cleaning them up with plaplate. I have an idea on how to do the Mudrocks famous cannon-saber mounts. Stay tuned!

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    Re: Vile's Project Room

    I've been going through alot of trial and error on this build. Alot of things are going.... poorly. Even though I measure 3 times holes for pinning parts somehow magicly morph into different spots.

    I have beam saber mounts mostly done. Kinda wishing I had thought this far ahead and put a polycap in the cannons so they'd be poseable. Oh well. Currently I am using old runners 90 corners for it. I figure I'll putty it in when all is said and done.

    I suppose you never learn without failure, but the amounts of failed trys I'm having is pretty discouraging considering how quickly other peoples mods come through and work wonderfully.

    Edit: adding pics
    Here is a few photos of the beam saber holders that I am working on. The first option needs to be trimmed down but I think it'll work after I glue all the pins. Option 2 is easier but I think looks uglier.

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