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    Kit Raffle every month

    Raffling off an unopened uncut brand new kjit every month. Subscribe to our Patreon to enter for your chance to win and follow us on Twitch. Live Gunpla builds/painting, mystery giveaways, anime, Gundam video games and more.


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    Re: Kit Raffle every month

    Just to add a little credibility to this raffle, I did sign up several months ago. It's only $1 or $2 a month so I figured eh give it a whirl. After two months I won the raffle and just received a MIB HG Hygoog.

    Sechs, they guy who runs it, seems to be alright and on the up and up. So, just wanted to add some credibility here for those who were warry they may be scammed.

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    Re: Kit Raffle every month

    Huh, good to know.
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