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    Barbatos Lupus Rex VS Efreet Custom EXAM

    Im making a 3D fight animation and I would like to know which of these two suits would win and other information that is available, the only model kits i had at hand in the beginning were a Barbatos lupus rex (BLR) and an Efreet Custom Exam (ECE) so those are the ones i chose to model and put against each other. However I have very little knowledge on things such as where the cockpit opens on the ECE and even how its fighting style is, I know plenty about the BLR from gundam IBO but the only appearances of the ECE is from a game that I haven't been able to get much knowledge out of. I'd like to know which one YOU would think has the upper hand and why, Or how one of them can exploit a weakness of the other. I'd like details on both suits but feel free to leave a comment on one suit if that's the limit to your knowledge.
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