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    M runner for PG Exia (non-lighting)

    there upper arm piece broke on my kit last night. looking for the whole runner (M) or individual parts. i don't have exact part info ATM, but it's basically the piece that attaches the shoulder to the upper arm . PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Re: M runner for PG Exia (non-lighting)

    If the box says bluefin on the side, you can email them and send pics of the broken parts. Your other option, i think, is when people buy the repair mode. I'm sure someone is going to never put the left arm back on.


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    Re: M runner for PG Exia (non-lighting)

    Thank you so much, Squee! I contacted them and they replied to me with the info I need to provide them in order to get the parts I need. Thanks again!


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