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    Re: Gundam Build Divers

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronové View Post
    So Kyoya's new mech is the "AGE II Magnum SV Version" and the SV stands for "Savior". According to it's official profile, it's OS has incorporated the AGE-FX system on-board and so I suspect that strange luminescence was indeed the FX-Burst in action.
    Is it just me, or did the Magnum get additional parts for its back and legs? Not sure about the leg extensions, but those back parts deploy into additional remote weapons, right?

    Those parts on the feet look like...flippers (?)

    Also, are those guns on the side skirts a new addition, or were they on the original Age II Magnum as well?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Edit: Just checked on the Wiki and those guns on the side skirts are definitely a new addition.

    I hope we'll get all of these upgrades in HGBD kit form, but I'm sure they'll be P-Bandai...unless the additional parts are sold like extra weapons/equipment given that they are primarily gray even in the show.

    Also, there's definitely some influence here now that I think about it:

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    Re: Gundam Build Divers

    Well, all things considered, that wasn't a bad episode. Pretty good fights, though the fact that Build Divers had to be pulled out of the fire by Hyakki was kinda disappointing, if not fully expected. Seems the Blast Master was a one shot wonder after all, and sadly we didn't get to see much of the Zeromaru in action. Maybe that unexpected raid boss next episode will finally let us see some of the other suits get to shine for a few moments.
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    Re: Gundam Build Divers

    As expected Hyakki came to save the day and together Riku & Ogre overcame the might that was Kyoya. I was half expecting the 00 Sky to not be able to fly afterwards and so Ogre would throw it to the balcony or something. XD

    The fight itself was honestly really cool and took most of the budget it seems.

    I was surprised that the disabled one that Rommel knew was Kurt and not Magee from how they were talking to each other.

    Super hyped for IRL Magee and the return of No-Name next week! <3

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    Re: Gundam Build Divers

    I think I'm the only one who doesn't watch the next episode previews at the end.

    Anyway, I bet Sarah tries to sacrifice herself to stop that demon thing.
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    Re: Gundam Build Divers

    Quote Originally Posted by Plamobot View Post
    I think I'm the only one who doesn't watch the next episode previews at the end.

    Anyway, I bet Sarah tries to sacrifice herself to stop that demon thing.
    Naaa I don't watch them either. When the words start to go by I move on to other things.

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