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    Cool Zaku exceed head model with Auto Face detection Pan/Tilt USB camera, LED/Sound effect

    Zaku exceed head toy again. According to my own design road map, this should be the later version after several make of generations. However, I was so impatient that I built the final one directly during startup stage of 2.0. There is no reason to named as 7.0, just follow the story line of ultraman comic XD.
    Sharing of this post in model making forum may off the subject hence I would indent to describe more on model modification process instead of electronic stuffs.

    Link of my Zaku Head 1.0

    3 main features:

    1. Camera & face detection
    2. Pan/tilt servo action
    3. System startup/shutdown fx effect

    Video Link
    Face Detection
    Startup/Shutdown LED/Sound Effect
    Remote Control

    Principle of Operation
    - Retrive video data from USB camera via an application written by openCV and Visual C++ to the host computer, with the face detection process, the result coordinate information is transfer to Arduino through its specific COM port.
    - The Arduino board monitor COM Port input then control the X,Y Servos to maintain target face image always stay center.

    Model Making
    - Although most monoeye action in Zaku mechanical design is horizontal only, I would like to insist Pan/Tilt action for more fun. After I find a sceen shot of Up/down movement of Zaku monoeye from the Internet, it give me more rational to make this happen.
    - The bottom and upper rails were cut out from the original eye parts.
    - The eyeball movable area require around 3mm in diameter, which is almost the same size of weapon parts of the PG Gundam Model.
    - Drill with 7mm diameter on original parts for inserting the 6.5mm camera. Lens Hood ? is made by Gundam modification parts kit. Liquid Chrome for shining effect. In order to give more space for eye movement, the original transparent cover have to give up.
    - Cornea (?) is made by lens type modification parts, file with multiple concentric circles to pretend Fresnel Lens shape. Spray by mix of transparent red + small amount of transparent yellow. The lens parts is fixed in front of the camera by Nail Gel.

    - With the use of micro switch, the top cover is used for trigger shutdown sound effect and interior LEDs. Which is the personal hope when opening my car's head cover every time.
    - The management console (?) should able to open in personal thinking. My design is difference color and logo to distinguish mechanic model.

    - Simple emphasis line detail on Power tube.
    - Polish internal for placing all necessary components.
    - Bottom cover is made by transparent plastic plate, open window for SD Card replacement which is the same as my previous work.
    - Simple weathering.

    Electronic Works
    USB Camera
    - Purchase from Internet, parts of an endoscope camera with USB interface.

    - T shape 2-axis Dual Servo is use because of space limitation and better view angel.

    - A fully functional MP3 player, excellent to work independently. However, inaccurate information was found in its datasheet, example like it contains command description for 0x01-0x11 only but it should have 0x12-0x16 also. Whereas 0x12 is the common use command to play media files in \mp3\. Maybe these are the hidden commands on MIC products only.

    IR Receiver
    - It is built by IR receiver component with Arduino IR library. It is simple but require more system resources. An old remote control can be used as transmitter with its corresponding key code. Or IR blaster is an alternative.

    - Which is the most difficult portion of this project. Problem summarized as below :
    1. USB resources and Power Supply Issue : Dual USB connections are require because the USB camera need data feed unidirectionally to the Arduino controller board. In addition to DFPLayer require a stable external power supply to work. With these reasons, there are several choice of solutions of 1) Single USB + some other data communication solution + external power supply, 2) Dual USB + external power supply or 3) USB Hub. However, all options are not being tested and was difficult to me on user experience and available space....Finally, it solved by an non-standard USB hub.

    Host Application
    1. Host software is modified from the source of http://www.instructables.com/id/Face...ino-and-OpenC/ . As it was an article issued few years ago. It result to the latest version of openCV and Visual Studio Community require certain levels code modification to make everything work.
    2. After debug and tests for few days, it was found that the included COM Library only support COM1-9 instead of 256. Due to my limited knowledge on C++, I was unable to replace with the latest library. Manual change of Arduino COM port in the host system (Windows 10 for me) is need.

    Arduino Code
    1. Giving up servo.h and softwaresearch.h due to high demand of system resources and resources conflict (hence DFPlayer_Mini_Mp3.h need to withdraw as well). In fact, using irremote.h also induce many resources problem also.
    2. The host application will do the face detection then send X,Y coordinate information to the controller via COM port. Actually, the Arduino controller should not respond to all input because it will result to out of synchronization or mix up X,Y information etc. Therefore, the process flow of data synchronization and exceed data by-pass are require to establish.

    Built #1

    Built #2

    Built #3

    Built #4

    Built #5

    Built #6

    Built #7

    Built #8

    VC++ Code

    Arduino Code

    Desktop Icon

    Overall Summary

    Zaku Camera

    1.0 vs 7.0

    Thank you for watching

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    Re: Zaku exceed head model with Auto Face detection Pan/Tilt USB camera, LED/Sound ef

    Now that is very cool!

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    Re: Zaku exceed head model with Auto Face detection Pan/Tilt USB camera, LED/Sound ef

    This is very cool! I did a class project using processing to control the camera interface on a turret. Using visual studios is a great idea! Amazed at all that stuff packed in there!


    I am no longer a Moderator despite what the user title says. Please do NOT pm me with questions on how to do something hobby related or with issues with the board. Just ask in a related thread.

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    Re: Zaku exceed head model with Auto Face detection Pan/Tilt USB camera, LED/Sound ef

    OH MAH SWEET BABY JESUS THATS AWESOME! !!!! man id love to have one of these but a lot of this stuff is over my head.

    Zaku on kova luu.
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    Re: Zaku exceed head model with Auto Face detection Pan/Tilt USB camera, LED/Sound ef

    I'm with ZAKU on this one. I love it, but all I hear is .. Blaa Blaa Blaa, It moves and can look at you Blaa Blaa electronics something Blaa Blaa servo do'dad thing Blaa Blaa Blaa. LOL

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    Re: Zaku exceed head model with Auto Face detection Pan/Tilt USB camera, LED/Sound ef

    Have firmware update to 7.1. Sorry that no improvement on servo noise which is hardware issues.., just enhance on performance

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