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    MG MS-06Fz Kai B Zaku II

    Does anybody know if there is or was a Zaku II kit that includes the optional part(s) to make a MS-06Fz Kai B? How about the parts for the 105mm forearm machine gun that was supposedly far more effective than both the 120mm Zaku MG and the 90mm MG? I'm of a mind to build a custom Zaku II Fz Kai-B, and I stink at scratch building.

    I'm going to need two of those forearm machine guns, the Fz Kai-B helmet, two Zaku II shoulder shields w/spikes, two Gelgoog beam rifles, four sturmfausts, and the sniper rifle, auxillary reactor, & retractable knee pad/strut of the Zaku I Sniper.
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    Re: MG MS-06Fz Kai B Zaku II

    It would be awesome to see them do a MG FZ and do a Alex 2.0 at the same time.

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    Found this if it helps.

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    Re: MG MS-06Fz Kai B Zaku II

    Despite there being a B-Club Conversion Kit for the Zaku II F2 that turns it into a Zaku FZ, it does not include a Type-B helmet sadly. Said conversion kit is listed here: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10035290

    However, whatever it is you are wanting to create can easily be done with HGUC without having to make up new parts from scratch.

    First, You are going to want two HGUC no.087, Zaku II FZs (which actually includes a B-type helmet). The reason you might need a second HGUC Zaku FZ is due to how the model's shoulders are asymmetrical. The left shoulder of has a straight peg for the Shoulder Pad to attach to, where as the Right peg has a Ball peg, and the Shoulder Shield has a Polycap ball socket. Because of that, you will need Two HGUC Zaku FZs in order to have Symmetrical shoulders.

    Second, you will need two HGUC Zaku IIs (either no.032, no.34, or no.040). You will also be provided with the inner frames for the Shoulder Shields you need. Also note that the Zaku II and the Zaku FZ share the same Polycap trees.

    Third, you will need two HGUC Zaku Is (either no.064 or no.068). This will provide you with two sturmausts, along with the outer (purple or blue) frames of the spiked shields. You might want to shave off the peg house protruding from the inside of the Blue/Purple outer shield frames until there is a smooth surface from the inside. Now shave off the Inner shield frames in a manner that allows you to fit on the outer Blue/Purple frame pieces, and then glue them together before attaching them to the Zaku FZ.

    Fourth, you are going to need either an HGUC Gundam Alex or Tristain for the forearms machine guns. The Machine Guns may need to be shave in a manner that will allow it to fin snuggly onto the Zaku FZ's forearms before gluing them on.

    Fifth, you will need the HGUC Zaku I sniper (either no.071 or no.137). Assemble the Zaku Sniper's knee component with the retractible pad/strut as you would normally, all be it without the PC-J part. Also cut up the C-36 and C-37 parts in a way that does not intrude the retractable pad/strut gimmick, whilst also able to fit snuggly into where the Zaku FZ's knee pad (B-13) would attach and glue it on. Now assemble the Sniper Rifle and Backpack according to the Zaku Sniper's instruction booklet. Carve out the Zaku FZ's back (A-21) in order to fit the Zaku Sniper's backpack without intruding the internal components (PC-K, PC-A & C-32, PC-A & C-33).

    Sixth, you will need a Sand Brown HGUC Dom Tropen (no.027) in order to obtain an additional four sturmausts.

    Seventh and finally, you will need the beam rifles from the HGUC Gelgoog (no.070, or no.076). Congratulations, you just got a Zaku II FZ Sniper! Linked below are Dalong reviews of the HGUC models you just need.

    Zaku FZ: http://dalong.net/review/hg/h87/h87_p.htm

    Zaku II (option 1): http://dalong.net/review/hg/h32/h32_p.htm

    Zaku II (option 2): http://dalong.net/review/hg/h34/h34_p.htm

    Zaku II (option 3): http://dalong.net/review/hg/h40/h40_p.htm

    Zaku I (option 1):http://dalong.net/review/hg/h64/h64_p.htm

    Zaku I (option 2):http://dalong.net/review/hg/h68/h68_p.htm

    Gundam Alex: http://dalong.net/review/hg/h47/h47_p.htm

    Gundam Tristain: http://dalong.net/review/hg/h205/h205_p.htm

    Zaku Sniper (option 1): http://dalong.net/review/hg/h137/h137_p.htm

    Zaku Sniper (option 2): http://dalong.net/review/hg/h71/h71_p.htm

    Gelgoog (option 1): http://dalong.net/review/hg/h70/h70_p.htm

    Gelgoog (option 2): http://dalong.net/review/hg/h76/h76_p.htm

    Dom Tropen: http://dalong.net/review/hg/h27/h27_p.htm
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    Re: MG MS-06Fz Kai B Zaku II

    I thought the Zaku II forearm 105mm MGs were based on the 120mm Zaku MG, just rebarrelled to 105mm and mounted forearm style, like the MG on the arm of the Zaku II Super Custom F2000.

    Honestly, I need to stick with MG scale kits due to my eyes not being what they used to be. I may have to have stuff 3D printed, but this is gonna nag the crap outta me for a while... Unless I get distracted and forget.....
    Why do I prefer combat over social events? Simple: in combat, if you don't know what to do, you can always open fire. That tends to be frowned upon in social events.

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    Re: MG MS-06Fz Kai B Zaku II

    I'll be crossing my fingers for us both that Bandai decides to make a MG version for us.

    I would love to have a MG FZ. The only Zaku 2 right now that I would like to get is the Garma Zabi Zaku 2 MG. And there is no way I am buying that. Darn you P-Bandai!

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    Re: MG MS-06Fz Kai B Zaku II

    I'm going to see how well a Geara Doga helmet will fit on the Zaku II noggin. If it works, we may be in business.
    Why do I prefer combat over social events? Simple: in combat, if you don't know what to do, you can always open fire. That tends to be frowned upon in social events.


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