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    Question A quick question pertaining to LED units in Gunpla Kits

    Ever since the Perfect Grade 00 Raiser was released in November of 2009, any and all subsequent Gunpla releases that incorporated LED units have had their electrical components Pre-assembled. As with prior Gundam Model Kits (some of which have been reissued since 2010, including a few that have yet to be discontinued as of the time I made this post), you had to assemble the LED units yourself. The most elaborate of such kits are the HY2M Glorious of 1/60 scale models from 2003, even though their LED units have been outmatched by those of the Perfect Grade, 1/60 scale Gundam Unicorn (from 2014) and PG Gundam Exia (from 2017).

    So, what happened to the LED units in which you have to build yourself rather than pre-assembled? Do you think is the reasoning behind the switch unassembled to pre-assembled LED units? What are your thoughts on things not being the way they used to? Can you imagine having to build the LED units for the PG Unicorn and Exia Gundams?

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    Re: A quick question pertaining to LED units in Gunpla Kits

    I really liked the older PG with the DIY LED systems just because it made changing the LED to one of your own choice that much easier. I didn't like the PG 00 Raiser LED, felt lacking in terms of brightness (and those flickering units....) . Unicorn/Banshee would have never worked with the old system lol, and the little LED pucks that they used in 00 would have been pathetic. I have the strike and red frame PG but haven't messed with the LED's yet so I can't comment on those.
    I guess in general, I like the Unicorn/Exia way of lighting but don't like that it really makes the price of the kits that much more expensive if you want the LED system.
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