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    I got a new one!

    I pulled the trigger on a preorder for one of the new Max Factory "Fang of the Sun Dougram" kits, and I'm having a massive Nerdgasm!!! This kit is BEAUTIFUL! I'm building it as a BattleTech mech (Up yours, Harmony Gold!) It's the Soltic HT128 Big Foot, or, in BattleTech terms, the BLR-1G Battle Master. Check her out:
    images (41).jpg
    images (42).jpg

    I'm going to customize mine to be my own personal BLR-3W design. Now, where can I find a massive, oversized, Battlemech Claw hand.....
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    Re: I got a new one!

    I never got into Dougram, but I love that chunky mech look.
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