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    Cool Hello, I am RoombaRal! Pleased to meet you.

    Hey, guys!

    I decided to join the forum on a lark because I've got the gunpla bug for the first time since I was a teenager. Been out of the fandom for years. I got caught up on IBO and the remake of 0096 and am happy to say I'm back! So far I've done two easier HG builds that I haven't detailed, top coated or filled the lines in on yet. Still getting my feet wet.

    The two mechs are RX-78-2 and Char's MS-05 Zaku 1.

    In short - I came here to see what new things I can learn and have a place to post my gunpla pics whenever I put a new kit together! Get some feed back on where I can improve and learn to get better.

    I also had a kit I lost a piece on so hopefully I can be directed/shown where to get the spare I need. It's just Ramba Ral's BUGU MS-04 internal hip piece. I know! How can the great RoombaRal lose a piece to his kit?! Well, hence the screen name. I have no idea what happened to it because I was building it, packed it up, let it sit to the side through most of the holiday season. As far as I know the thing was on the part tree still last I saw it. So I decided to poke fun at it and commemorate it with the punny screen name. It happened this past weekend and I've not stopped thinking about it. RIP. I figure it probably isn't so bad since it's a Zaku and that part is likely a dime a dozen.

    I got a Barbatos HG kit for xmas from my girlfriend that just arrived today. I got her Lafter's Hyakuri kit myself. So that'll be one of her first kit she puts together. I was thinking might buy a few SD kits for her to kinda learn the process and practice without the stress of messing up her favorite characters mecha.

    ANYWAY! I'm just rambling now. Looking forward to lurking and posting around and getting tips and tricks from the kind folks here!

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    Re: Hello, I am RoombaRal! Pleased to meet you.

    RX-78-2 and Char's MS-05 are two easier HG builds.

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    Re: Hello, I am RoombaRal! Pleased to meet you.

    Of course! That's why I started with those two. Fun builds, too. I'm getting some supplies and a couple new tools to replace some basic stuff I got to really get srarted on detailing and finishing those two off. Then I'm gonna build the Barbatos and get my first MG kit. Pretty excited to be building again!


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