In a recent (August 14th, 2017) interview with the Daily Sports newspaper in Japan, "Mobile Suit Gundam" character designer Yoshikazu Yasuhiko said he was open to a remake of the original 1979 anime. The response came after being questioned whether or not the current ongoing "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin" anime would continue into the story of the first anime. Yoshikazu replied that he'd be lying if he said he doesn't like the idea, but also that the whole "The Origin" staff feels the same way.

Yasuhiko further elaborated, saying that he still has regrets with the original show. Scheduling and budget issues, along with being shortened from 51 episodes to 43, prevented the show from reaching its best form and being, out of all the Gundam series, the one that aged the worst. As a result, he feels that, while it will always be number one to him, it is hard to impossible to show it to young people.

The purpose of this petition is to show support to Yasuhiko's position up to persuade Bandai and Sunrise in fulfilling "The Origin" staff wish, thus delivering the animated sci-fi masterpiece original "Mobile Suit Gundam" is to a brand new and younger audience.

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  1. Online Petitions never work!

  1. Bandai and Sunrise don't care about such petitions, they'll do even less since supporters are not japanese!

  • At the present day, 48% of supporters to our petition are actually from Japan (by the way, it's easy to check last 20 supporters' country at any time, on the petition page... just take in consideration the time zones). On Banrise don't caring about petitions, well, it could be. But signing our petition is FREE and takes less than one minute: it is worth the try;

  1. I don't want my favorite show be replaced with crappy CGI mecha and Origin's awful writing and pointless retcons!

  • Of course it depends on everyone's taste. But let's say one thing straight: NOTHING WILL REPLACE ANYTHING. Your precious 0079 DVDs collection won't be magically converted in "The Origin" home videos.... more seriously: Unless Sunrise decides to remake not only 0079, but the whole UC timeline, and that's out of question. As long as the other series will be in continuity following the original 1979 series and, above all, the movie trilogy, such a remake would be just another AU set, this time, in the Universal Century... not too differently from what the Zeta Gundam Movie Trilogy has become. The remake is not specifically intended for old fans, but to attract new ones. Fact is that Universal Century fans won't live forever, but that timeline could survive its fans, if allowed to attract new fans.

  1. No way! If young fans want to see First Gundam, they have to see the original from 1979!

  • Simply speaking, they won't. Exceptions are always possible, but it's much easier that new generations, after watching the remake, will give the original a try, than expecting that they spontaneously try the old series first.