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Thread: Wtb: Hmm zoids

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    Wtb: Hmm zoids

    Haven't been on here in ages, anyways looking to buy some HMM'S for a good price.
    Tired of the search online for anything in stock and a good price. EBay and Amazon is a joke, so I've given up there.
    Pretty open to anything if the price is right, highly prefer unbuilt. I'm more of a builder than a collector.
    Already have the red horn, lightning saix, shadow fox, and gun sniper so not interested in them.
    Grunt Mobile Suits FTW!

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    Re: Wtb: Hmm zoids

    A bunch are getting rereleased next month. GundamPlanets prices are surprisingly good for these. Some of the instock ones though are a bit much.


    I am no longer a Moderator despite what the user title says. Please do NOT pm me with questions on how to do something hobby related or with issues with the board. Just ask in a related thread.


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