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    MG parts kits for sale

    Purchased a lot of gundam parts off eBay and I don't have any need for the MG scale stuff. I thought I would first offer it here prior to throwing it back on eBay. From what I can tell, the MGS included are:

    ZGok Commander
    Zaku SM
    Zaku BTS
    REZEL Commander (?)
    Rick Dias

    As for condition, see pictures. From what I can tell, Rick and Dom seem to be nearly complete minus one or two pieces on Dom. No weapons or additionally included hands.

    I'm not looking for much. For trade, I'm interested in unbuilt stuff or at least complete in good condition hg or rg. if not that, then I will sell out right. Just shoot me an offer.


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    Re: MG parts kits for sale

    Do you have the missile effect parts, for the acguy?


    I am no longer a Moderator despite what the user title says. Please do NOT pm me with questions on how to do something hobby related or with issues with the board. Just ask in a related thread.

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    Re: MG parts kits for sale

    Negative at least I don't believe so, it came with just the actual figures here no accessories to my knowledge. I know little to nothing of the MG grade.

    BUT....I have an interested party now so the items are on hold. If the deal falls through, I will check and let you know with certainty.

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    Re: MG parts kits for sale

    If it falls through let me know. I would be interested in the entire lot.


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