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Thread: Sinanju!!!

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    got my MG Sinanju built and now starting the oh so many decals ( 3rd party) as I have the original Kit...just started detail painting as well...Just wanted to see your Sinaju's!! show me what you got in your collection...looking for some inspiration from this talented bunch!

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    Some pics of assembled kit

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    Re: Sinanju!!!

    A couple more
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    Re: Sinanju!!!

    So far, so good! Doing any metallic work?
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    Re: Sinanju!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Plamobot View Post
    So far, so good! Doing any metallic work?
    thinking about it...I will take some more pics...started detailing the inner frame and have painted all the thrusters...using the waterslides for the trim...took a long time to do those...wow! didn't like the stickers and was a little afraid to do the reverse wash

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    Re: Sinanju!!!

    Well I was dedicated this weekend to getting this guy done..subtle detail painting and an epic shit ton of decals....then top coat...here’s a few pics...let me know if you want more....I am very happy with this guy!
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