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    Why Char Aznable is Popular?

    Just wondering why this mask man is popular. But this article might explain it:


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    Re: Why Char Aznable is Popular?

    You know whats weird? It seems that only Federation fans seem to fawn over Char.

    Char to me is one of the most pathetic characters in the series. He is nothing but a whimpering man child. Who murders tens of thousands of people simply to stroke his own ego.

    I really don't understand why he is as popular as he is. "Than again Federation fans also fawn of Kamille and Judau aswell... so maybe people just have bad taste?"

    lol just had to joke fun a little.

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    Re: Why Char Aznable is Popular?

    I didnt want to make a new thread. So, I thought I would add it here?

    Does anyone else have a Mobile Suit they hate to admit they like?
    Mine's kinda weird as I feel most people like it.

    But its the Sazabi. I really like that suit and I hate to admit it. It has such a nice design to it. Really love the lines. But I do feel its legs/shoulder/rear skirt are just a little too bulky for its own good. Other than that the design just looks so 80's mech!

    The only reason I really have to hate it is the fact it's "Char's" Suit. As in its basically char if he were a Mobile suit. And I truly hate Char with a passion.
    Its a stupid reason to hate a mobile suit but it still does ruin the Sazabi for me...

    Char you ruin everything!


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