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    Future / Pledge in spray bottle

    I was thinking of putting future/pledge in a spray bottle like those used in perfumes as a makeshift aerosol to spray on the model. Has anyone tried it before? Is it feasible? I dont really like using spray cans cause of the smell and airbrush is out of the question right now.

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    Re: Future / Pledge in spray bottle

    As long as you use a spray that is a mist it might work. The problem is that spray bottles tend to have large spray patterns and the liquid will land in droplets. But if you reuse a hair spray bottle that has "Mist" nozzle you might be good.

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    Re: Future / Pledge in spray bottle

    could also try dipping the parts individually as this is how scale modelers do it with aircraft canopies and windshields...I have also had good luck brushing it on with a soft bristled brush...it has fantastic leveling properties. Also to assist with another step you can add color to it and use it as a preliminary wash...2 birds and one stone

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    Re: Future / Pledge in spray bottle

    I handbrush Future on my models all the time, and it works great. No spraying needed!
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    Re: Future / Pledge in spray bottle

    Yes, Pledge Future is great for sealing and clear coat. You lay down a coat of Future, let it dry, then use Micro Set & Micro Sol when laying your decals on, then Future again once they're dry. After that you go to weathering and Dulcote.
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