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    One day build....HG Origins Bugu

    Picked this guy up for a fun little build...fully painted and some minor weathering...had him done in a day and hes now hanging at work with me... I must say, quite a nice kit for an HG...I usually work with MGs so this scale was a little new for me. Not bad for one day I think.

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    Looks good!

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    Re: One day build....HG Origins Bugu

    ALL HAIL THE GLORY OF ZEON!! SIEG ZEON!!!! I think if you give them a chance you will find (as I have) that the HG line is really good. Plus you can fit more on a shelf and you can get 2 or 3 for the price of 1 MG. Don't get me wrong, I still build and love my MGs, heck I even have a bunch of the PGs so ya I like the big toys as well. But for quick easy builds I go HG.

    You did a really good job for a one day build, with a full paint job at that! WOW!

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    Re: One day build....HG Origins Bugu

    That looks great! It's even more impressive for only one day!

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    Re: One day build....HG Origins Bugu

    thanks guys! I appreciate the kind words...I was experimenting with a sponge to get the rust effects, works OK if you have the right sponge...took a few tries with different ones to get a result I was ok with...also did an oil paint wash and this is where I got a little ahead of myself, I did not wait for everything to fully cure which in turn weakened some of the joints...live and learn lol

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    Re: One day build....HG Origins Bugu

    I like him, you did a great job.


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