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Thread: Custom tools!

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    Custom tools!

    I was wondering if anybody else made their own custom tools like hobby knifes and such I do because I seem to break everything else

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    Re: Custom tools!

    I have been 3d printing handles for my tools. Working on a holder/stand for my chisels.


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    I used chopsticks haha I broke 3 handles on hobby knifes plus its nice to make a tool for a certain thing like the one below the knife I use for spreading putty out

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    Re: Custom tools!

    I made my own chisels out of Harbor Freight mini screwdrivers. And I have a few other made up tools for holding a kit so I can paint it, or glue it. I even made my own glue stick thing so I can put a tiny dab of CA glue in little spots.

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    Re: Custom tools!


    Also new here and figuring out the forum! Love making tools for a job at hand.
    Just tried linking what you mentioned above for an easy link!


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