I'll lead off by saying I'm no gundam-fu master and the opinions within may come from bad luck and not the normal kit experience.

1. The Build
This kit is easily assembled and comes with multiple hand variations. My only real complaint is that the sprues weren't organized with a main idea like *torso* or *leg* but it's not a compketely crippling one.

2. The Sum of Parts
This model has wings that are slightly glossier than the rest of the gundam and might be offputting to some. The right hand thumb was looser than the left and did not grip as well. The pieces to the skirting around back don't hold in place well and I would recommend gluing them into position if you will be moving it too much.

3. Overall
This was a fun model and despite its flaws I enjoy the details in it. Being able to reposition the wingpack into open, cloak, or extended makes for great dynamic poses. I would recommend it for fans of the deathscythe gundam as it is currently reasobably priced on Amazon for sub 40$.

4 out of 5 Zakus