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Thread: Yub Yub ;)

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    Yub Yub ;)

    Hi !

    I'm a French guy of 30 years, I like cinema, japanese animation and star wars and his extended universe (but please, just don't talk me about episode 7...)

    About the Gundam series, I began with the 8th MS Team and Gundam Wing when it comes to France, and after I've seen all the recent series : Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Gundam 00, Gundam Unicorn, Gundam Build Fighter, Gundam Build fighter try, Gundam origine and iron blooded orphans.

    Concerning gunpla I focus on the 1/144 models (RG and HG) because they take up less space (and honnestly, I love RG), I have done a thirty HG (mainly in no paint but with linner) and a dozen RG. I also did some 1/100 in HG and 2 MG.

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    Re: Yub Yub ;)

    Welcome to our site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also, I loved The Force Awakens. I had issues with it, but I still loved it nonetheless. The one big issue I have with it was that it was too formulaic; it relied too much on the classic Star Wars formula. However, one of it's pluses was draw on Arthurian lore to present the story. For example: I've always found Kylo Ren to be kind of a Star Wars version of Mordred. If you know your Arthurian legends, Mordred was the traitorous nephew of Arthur and like Mordred, Kylo Ren is portrayed as this spoiled sociopathic man-child who thinks he's entitled to everything because of his bloodline. Another bit of Arthur legend that I saw pop up was Maz Kanata acting as a Star Wars version of the Lady of the Lake. Again if you know your Arthurian lore, the Lady of the Lake was the caretaker of the legendary sword Excalibur, and in this case Maz acts as a caretaker for Anakin's/Luke's lightsaber, waiting for the day until the Once and Future King returns.
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    Re: Yub Yub ;)

    I liked how "The Force awakens" was a completely new and original story! A story for the ages like none ever before it...... Just like Star Trek Into Darkness.....I can't wait to see episode 8. Just think it could be so different from "The force awakens" like in episode 7 they were on a desert world, well in episode 8 they could go polar opposite and be on a ice and snow covered world or something. That would be really cool. Then they would go from the ice world to like a jungle planet........

    Sorry couldn't help myself. As for Gunpla. welcome to the forums, and the wonderful world of the money grabbing pit we call Gunpla building. you are going to show us your builds right? If not I can keep talking about the greatness of, and how original Star Wars episode 7 was.

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