Hello Folks

I'm an old PC Gamer and while Gundam "never" (???) materialized for the PC there were some GREAT Mecha Games out there back in the day. Well for a while now I've been waiting for the resurrection of my personal FAVORITE - Heavy Gear!!! So to make a long story short the thing is now for sale on STEAM (not my favorite place) but I have not seen any and/or many favorable reviews. I was wondering if anyone here has taken the plunge and if so what do you think???

On a side note Heavy Gear spawned two PC games and well the second added something that Gundam Fans might enjoy; REAL ZERO-G Space Combat!!! And by real I mean if you gave your gear a bit of forward thrust you would be going in that direction and at that speed FOREVER!!! I have not seen anything like that for sale ever since and I have looked!!! One last thing the games (PC and RPG) were somewhat "loosely" based on the classic anime Armored Trooper VOTOMS!!! So if you have never seen it take a look!!