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    G-Saviour vs Saviour Gundam

    This is just for fun/pun.

    For fairness' sake I think each should use the appropriate gear/variant for the terrain the fight takes place. Like using the G-Saviour Space Type vs ZGMF-YX21R+X11A (RGX-04) Proto-Saviour+11 for a space battle.

    For a possibly more fair match up, feel free to use the G-2 or G-3 Saviours from the PS2 games. I think the important thing is that is is Saviour vs. Saviour.
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    Re: G-Saviour vs Saviour Gundam

    Hmm I want to give this to G but both suits match up well to my surprise, Athon is a heck of a pilot and had the seed ability which I think. Without the seed ability it's a tough call cause Mark is a veteran pilot with allot of experience, to close to call in my opinion


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