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Thread: Useful Tools

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    Useful Tools

    Hey everybody,

    Just wanted to share some useful tools and tips that I think can help anyone who builds models or figures. I didn't come up with all of these, but I have learned a few tricks over time.

    #1 Save all paint jars and dropper bottles.
    Wash these out to reuse them for custom paints you might have made. I also store my putty in these, to help it last longer.

    #2 plastic spoons
    You can get these from the dollar store and use them to test out paints. I usually label mine in marker so I know for future reference.

    #3 Solo cups
    Tons if uses, brush washing, parts storage/seperation, holding brushes, markers, sanding sticks, razor knives... like I said tons of uses...

    #4 Hoppes Gun cleaner (airbrush)
    Found out that this product is really good for cleaning non-rubber parts of our ab. The needles, caps, ect...

    #5 Misc

    Lots of tools
    Airbrush Pot, Bottle Caps (Great for mixing paint, putty)
    Banding clips, Dollar store toothbrushes (the kids size is better for small areas), Squares of cardboard, pipe cleaners and a good set of hand brushes.

    Not Pictured:
    Eye droppers
    Spay bottles
    Masking Tape/packing tape
    Silly putty - great for masking
    Ball Bearings - good for stirring paint jars (be careful with glass)
    Fingernail polish - good for tightening joints

    I'll add more soon, if you have a tools or techniques that you MUST have/do, feel free to post them!

    I hope this helps some of you newer members, and remember, let's enjoy Gunpla!
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    I have a few sets of tools that I use all the time. Almost all of this stuff I got from Harbor Freight.

    Clay molding tools, I use them for putty setting.

    And a nice set of dental picks. They help scribe really small lines and also clean out lines if I accidentally get putty in them.

    Another set of Harbor Freight picks.

    Then the micro saws. I got them from my hobby shop.

    And lastly I have this to help get the correct size for metal parts or spacing of seam lines. Anything that needs to be exact.

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