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    Re: Perfect Grade!!! Red Frame Astray

    A little update...completed the torso and head last night...come to the conclusion that this thing is gonna be a beast to paint but sooo worth it!! I love this kit and can't stop looking at it
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    Re: Perfect Grade!!! Red Frame Astray

    Construction completed...this is a phenomenal kit and I would highly recommend it to anyone...poseablikity is amazing, all the parts stay on when it's posed, excellent detail and a very enjoyable build...now comes the real work...the paint!!
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    Damm I need me a pg bad

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    Re: Perfect Grade!!! Red Frame Astray

    A few more poses with this guy...way too much fun lol...can't wait to see him all painted up...I fluked out with the sword glint lol
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    Re: Perfect Grade!!! Red Frame Astray

    This is what you need to get next. I love mine, now I just have to build my Astry to go with it. LOL


    Damn thing is large enough that I can use it!!



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    Re: Perfect Grade!!! Red Frame Astray

    yes!!! that thing looks awesome...ordered! lol

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    Re: Perfect Grade!!! Red Frame Astray

    After a long wait to get the decals...work begins on the big guy again! Got some third party decals from China and they were a bit of a bear to work with! Had to soak for a long time in the water before they would relaease and if you didnít get the timing just right they became very brittle...quite frustrating but I prevailed...good thing the sheets came with a lot of extras! 🤔almost like the manufacturer knew about this lol. All in all they still turned out good. Glad this thing isnít a Ver Ka cause that wouldíve taken a week instead of the 2 days. The red frame doesnít look decal heavy but there is a lot of them, believe me...must be cause heís so friggin huge!figured I would show another pose that I tried out before I pulled him apart. He is now gloss coated and the weathering process has started...wish me luck lol. PS, if anybody is interested in the sticker sheets for this guy just let me know

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    He looks beautiful!

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    Re: Perfect Grade!!! Red Frame Astray

    thanks man! very fun project so far and even my wife loves it, which is good because it took a lot of effort for her to let me spend that kind of money on a model kit lol

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    Re: Perfect Grade!!! Red Frame Astray

    I hear ya.

    I really want the PG red frame but I must remain focused on the MG blue frame to go with my MG red frame.


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