Maybe they finally figured out that (good) dubs are necessary if they ever want Gundam to be anywhere near as big in the west as it is in Japan. Having a ZZ-sized dub gap in the middle of the core UC saga isn't doing the series any favors in particular. Still baffles me how the hell they thought no dub for Reconguista and super low quality SE asian dubs for AGE and the Build Fighters series were the way to go. One and done anime that no one gives a crap about this season, let alone 10-20 years from now, get better treatment in this regard than Gundam.

Then again, Bandai has always been their own worst enemy in the west. I remember they were hinting at a US release for ZZ right before they randomly knifed the profitable and stable Bandai Ent. in the back; then they were teasing a dub for ZZ right before they abandoned Daisuki. It's like they expect Gundam to just magically become the unstoppable sales monster in the West that it is in Japan without ever putting any real money or work into it here the way they do in Japan, and they get really pissed off and hostile when it does not immediately reach their wildest fantasies in terms of sales in the West without that support. Bandai can easily afford to pay for dubs for everything Gundam in multiple languages as well as a marketing/promotion budget in non-Japanese markets appropriate for a franchise of Gundam's size, but they don't out of some combination of greed, laziness, and incompetence. Does Bandai think a company like Disney skimps on the localizing and promotional budgets for non-English releases of Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney Princesses, etc. and that those all just magically succeed in Japan, China, etc. overnight without a significant investment in localization and promotion from the Mouse?

As an example, more effort and care was probably put into localizing and promoting goddamn Panty Party (a niche, low budget, non-hentai, joke game literally about panties fighting other panties) by a no name developer than Bandai put into localizing and promoting Gundam Versus for PS4 in the west. Guess which game got a dub for instance. Gundam Vs is Bandai's biggest, longest running Gundam game franchise and yet they seemingly put less effort and care into localizing it for the west than the makers of Panty Party did for their niche, budget release game. Seriously, WTF Bandai?

Maybe that's the solution to getting Bandai to actually spend more than the absolute bare minimum to localize and promote their flagship product outside of Japan: Put panties under the Doms' skirts like in Gandam-san! Hell, why let Doms have all the fun? Put panties under the skirt armor for all of the mobile suits! Then they might finally be able to justify giving Gundam a western localization and promotional budget appropriate for a franchise of its size (Gundam is literally positioned immediately between Spider-Man and Batman in terms of ranking/success among media franchises worldwide, and that's without Bandai seeming to give a f*** about putting any significant/genuine effort into pushing Gundam in any market outside of Japan; imagine how big/profitable it would be if they actually tried; again, they are their own worst enemy).

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Correction: Thought I'd seen a trailer for Panty Party showing off an English dub when I typed up the previous post, but it looks like I must've been mistaken; based on the videos I could find, it seems like it's sub only. That said it still has more consistent subbing than Gundam Versus did. In any case, one could still point to Neptunia, Disgaea, and any number of other niche Japanese games that have both gotten an English dub and generally more effort put into their localization/marketing than Bandai's biggest franchise's flagship game series has gotten, so the underlying point about Bandai being some combination of cheap/greedy, lazy, and/or incompetent still stands.