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    Re: Mr. JQ's Garage of Gunpla

    This arrived yesterday! Excited to build this.

    Got this guy mostly finished, Not a fan of the Yellow color, I mixed in some GM Gold to help break it up, and candy coated the Psycho frame bits.
    I'll probably go back later and add some grey details like the manual shows, but it's good for now.

    Ms. K is coming along pretty good, but I seem to have misplaced one of her booby blasters, so it's going to get put on hold for now.
    All my latest work can also be seen on my Instagram (Gundam and Non-Gundam) https://www.instagram.com/jquintel2002/

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    Re: Mr. JQ's Garage of Gunpla

    ohhh, looking forward to hearing what you think of the MG Dynames. been waiting to pull the trigger on this one.


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