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    Hello from Paris

    Hey all, Im Energylite, a 20 yo dude from Paris (The real one *ahem* in France of course ) and Im new on this Forum.
    It's been a while im watching Gundams series (10 year at least) and im a new modeler. I've been building Gundam since ... 2 weeks because before i didnt know you could build Gundam (shame on me please god ).
    My Favorite gundam is the Barbatos Lupus Rex from the iron blooded orphans series but my favorite series of all the gundam world is the Gundam 00 series from far.
    i think it's all good for the presentation and see you soon on threads !

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    Re: Hello from Paris

    It's nice to see some French class here, welcome to the boards.
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    You have good taste my friend

    see you later space cowboy


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