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    RP:Star Wars:Ride of the Renegades Bio thread

    Only character Bios in this thread.

    Here is a template:






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    - - - Updated - - -

    Name: Vynce Pint
    Age: 56
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Fresia
    Faction: Pint's Imperial Remnant
    Occupation:Grand Moff of his own Remnant faction

    Appearance: medium build, 5"9, brown hair(graying), bushy mustaches, light pale skin.

    Backstory: Vynce was born 43 BBY on the planet Fresia. He was the only son of a Incom factory workers. Living a relatively peaceful youth, Vynce developed his own strong sense of justice, wishing to help other people in the galaxy to live their lives in peace. As he turned 18, he left off world to Coruscant to enlist in the Navy. For the fist three years of his service he served as an Lieutenant on Consular class frigate, Southern Dawn. He was promoted to Captain and put in charge of a Venator class Star Destroyer, Avalon. He and his crew served in the Outer Rim during the duration of the war participating in the battles of Umbara, Kamino and Kashyyk. He was initially suspicious of the clone troopers and their abilities, but as the war went on, he learned to greatly appreciate their courage and skill. He also began to resent the Jedi, viewing many of them as incompetent leaders and soldiers. After Order 66 was executed, Vynce swore his allegiance to the New Galactic Republic, after witnessing the rampant corruption in the Republic and hoping that the Empire would bring order to the chaotic galaxy. He served with distinction throughout Emperor Palpatine's reign, even joining him after his resurrection in 10 ABY. After Emperor was finally defeated, he decided to separate himself from the Imperial Remnant, seeing it descending into chaos like the Republic, and venture on his own. He gathered all the men loyal to him, stole archived plans for Confederacy of Independent Systems battledroids and headed for Silken system, located in the very edge of civilized space. He went to great lengths to cover his tracks, wiping Silkens location from the Imperial records, before the New Republic could find them. As he arrived to the system, he got to work immediately, setting up droid foundries, advanced training centers for his Stormtroopers, new bases and mines. His goal, to build an army to take control of what remains of the Empire and reunite the galaxy. He even allied himself with two darkside users, who had arrived into Silken in search of ancient Force artifacts. He was planning on his plans to remain secret, until one fateful day, three years after he arrived, an Republic Charter team would stumble upon him......

    Personality: Cold and Ruthless. To him, almost nothing is too high of a cost to achieve his goals.Despite this, he understands what makes men loyal and often encourages his troops with speeches and rewards, in return expecting absolute loyalty. However, he has no tolerance for incompetence and often punishes harshly those who fail him.

    Powers/Abilities/Skills/Weapons/Vehicles: Commander of Imperial Star Destroyer Vengeance. Carries his personal A180 Blaster around where ever he goes.

    Useful Links For Stuff Mentioned in This Bio:

    - - - Updated - - -

    Name: Asylyn
    Age: Correct Age unknown, estimated 30-40 years
    Species athomirian
    Homeworld: Dathomire
    Faction:Pint's Imperial Remnant
    Occupation: Dark Side User, former Emperors Hand

    Appearance: Pic related but with shorter hair, wears skin tight body glove and mix and match of Phase 2 clone trooper armor and Armorweave pieces. Wears almost constantly a black tight fitting cowl to cover her face.

    Backstory: Little is truly know about Asylyn's past before he came in contact with Emperor Palpatine. During one of his trips to Dathomire, He found an young child who, despite her young age of three or four, was able to demonstrate immense Force powers. Palpatine saw great potential in her, deciding to take her under his tutelage. Palpatine went on to train her as one of his Hands, enforcers of his rule, assassins and spies. He was preparing her to be a replacement for Darth Vader, believing her to be more powerful than him. However, this didn't come to be before both Palpatine and Vader met their end aboard the Second Death Star. For a while Asylyn was left aimless and without a purpose. Emperor's death had severed the telepathic connection between her and him, leaving her without orders. After sometime, she decided to pursue her own aspirations and embrace her powers. For the next ten years, she studied both the Light and Dark side of the Force, looking for a way to hone her skills and truly unlock her potential as wielder of the force. However, she soon came to a conclusion that both the Jedi and the Sith had flawed and inadequate vision of the use of the force. She then realized that the answers she was looking could be found by searching knowledge from being older than the Jedi and the Sith. And thus she set out to look for ancient information, to truly unlock her abilities. Her search led her to many worlds, latest being the Silken system. Along side her ally, she has concluded that what she seeks is somewhere in the system, waiting her........

    Personality: Overall serious attitude wise, she can sometimes exhibit a bit of joy and playfulness. She loves to play mindgames with her foes and often attempts to break them mentally, rather than engage in head on fighting.She also had a weird obsession of Clone Wars era memorabilia, she included pieces from Phase 2 Clone trooper armor to her own set and carries around DC-17 blaster pistols as back up to her lightsaber.

    Powers/Abilities/Skills/Weapons/Vehicles: Master of Force Choke,Lighting, Mindtrick and Mind Control. Adept in forms 2 and 6 and knowledge in all other forms. Carries around a single Red Bladed Light saber with a curved hilt. Also as a back up, uses DC-17 blaster pistols. Uses Tie Hunter as her personal starfighter.

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    Re: RP:Star Wars:Ride of the Renegades Bio thread

    Name: Casvius Herall
    Age: 45
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Concord Dawn
    Faction: Renegade Squad (Usually self employed, but also has ties to the Mandolorian Protectors)
    Occupation: Mercenary typically hired for bounty hunter jobs but has been known to take positions as a soldier for hire or trainer

    Appearance: 6'1" light skin grey eyes, dark brown hair straight hair that goes just below the top of his ears though it's starting to show some signs of graying. Normally seen in his dark olive green Mandolorian Armor, silver accents around the helmet's visor and a silver stripe on the chest plate, the right shoulder is bright red though has black battered cape.

    Backstory: Son of Kantus Herall and Sybiil Gren both Mandolorians from Concord dawn that fought with the True Mandolorians against the death watch later turned mercenary. For the first part of his childhood from his birth to 22BBY he was raised by his mother who worked as a mercenary while his father was part of Cuy'val Dar training the first batches of clone troopers, focusing on training Sabatorus and pilots, on Kamino, he learned basics of the trade from her as well as the history of his people, when he was 10 his father returned and his training accelerated to full time to the point he was helping on various bounties the two of them took.

    After two years of working with them he scored his first major kill during a job gone wrong, ending in his mother's death from there he went from in training to his father's full on partner and remained his wingman and partner, due to this his picked allot of his father's skill flying spacecraft and working as a saboteur which has served him well in his years of working in the field. 16BBY he went into a solo career after his father's death when he was just sixteen, often times opting to work in jobs with piloting or working as a unit commander and instructor for small scuffles between warlords in the outer rim not returning to the inner parts of the Galaxy for a few years the age of the galactic empire being one that promised great growth for people in his field. During this time he took several temporary partners until 9BBY when he met his protege and and wingman whom he'd work with for several years Bray Niivius, another Mandolorian bounty hunter a few years his jr who he met working on a contract for the empire, recognizing the man's last name from his father's stories about the people in the Cuy'Val Dar, he took the younger man under his wing and trained him in earnest making them a deadly duo for their years between 9 and 1BBY when they split up Casvius heading to work with the Rebel Alliance and Bray continuing his work in the empire as far as Casvius was concerned he was loosing his way and supporting the empire for the wrong reasons.

    During his time with the rebels he mostly worked as an indpendant operator as well as a trainer for their own special squadrons, he completed several high risk missions for them up until the Battle of Endor, after leaving he bought a surplus U-wing and R3 astromech to help with upkeep to replace his battered Kom'rk class fighter-transport, going back to bounty hunting full time, aside from the occasional aide for the Mandolorian protectors for the most part running solo occasionally taking someone he considered promising under his wing in the 13 years since the fall of the empire, most of that time spent working bringing in fugitives of the Republic and various outer rim worlds. Known just as much for his piloting skills as he his for his on foot skills.

    Recently he was contacted by old contacts in the Alliance for the Renegade squadron and job in it, it being up his ally and with good pay he took it.

    Personality: Knowledgeable in various methods of warfare, ranging from weapon maintenance to countering just about anything one would encounter in the battlefield, takes his heritage seriously, often speaks of various stories of jobs he's worked in his 35 year spanning career. Has a simple sense of justice, also enjoys combat though he isn't a lunatic.

    Skills/Abilities: Adept in hand to hand combat and the use of blaster rifles and pistols, focused on hit and run attacks using his mobility and modified armor to his advantaged, extremely well trained pilot focusing on smaller craft.

    Arm mounted flame throwers in the armor, a wrist rocket on the up side of the right forearm, cable launcher in the other, rocket boots over the typical jetpack to allow for more comfortable piloting of various craft that haven't been adapted to the back bulk, 9118 Heavy Carbine and a DL-44 without a scope as a side arm. Carriest a few Class-A thermal detonators on his ammo belt around his waist.

    U-Wing with modified armaments, mounting two blaster cannons from an X-wing on the under-body for extra firepower, enhanced shields and a crew area modified to allow for prisoner transport, as well as a small selection of bombs in a new compartment he and his droid made though they're very limited, and mostly used for Shock and awe. The ship is mostly dark grey with green accents. It bears no Republic marks on it.

    The U-wing is piloted both by him and when he's dropping into a hot zone, it'll be taken control of by R3-N7 his astromech which has been upgraded for enhanced piloting skills, at the cost at some of it's repair knowledge, most of it's knowledge of larger class being removed to make room for processes focused on piloting. The mech is Silver and red, with a clear head like most other R3 units. Contains a hidden blaster and an enhanced welder that can be used as a taser, has some minor combat protocols mostly to help monitor captured bounties. Often he simply calls the Droid N7.

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    Re: RP:Star Wars:Ride of the Renegades Bio thread

    Name: Traya Niende
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Faction: Pint's Imperial Remnant, formerly the Galactic Empire
    Occupation: Dark Side User, formerly the Ninth Brother of the Imperial Inquisitor's

    Appearance: 6'0", 175lbs., crimson colored hair with grey streaks forming from overuse of the Dark Side, yellow eyes, wears a suit similar to the lighter armored outfit the Seventh Sister wore with the Grand Inquisitor's helmet when piloting, all black with two Empire symbols on the shoulders. Lightsaber is stored on back, wears a short hooded cape over all that. Armed with a Cortosis Blade behind his back, a fourteen inch dagger with a Kris blade design.

    Backstory: Born on Coruscant during Order 66, as the last Jedi in the temple fell this unknown male child was born at the exact moment. This did not go unnoticed and the newly crowned Emperor confiscated the child and sent him off to be raised in the style of the Dark Side by himself and later Darth Vader. When he was seventeen be was appointed to the Galactic Inquisitor's as the Ninth Brother, tasked with hunting down people sensitive to the force. A job he continued until he felt the death of the Emperor at the second Death Star, at which point he pulled back and went into hiding until hearing rumors of an Imperial Remnant years later. During his exile he sought out a balance to his physical strength with more spiritual knowledge of the Dark Side of the Force. Feeling he had gained the needed mental strength he exited his exile and made his presence known to the Remnants. He's been with them ever since taking the name Traya Niende. Traya from a former Dark Lord of the Sith from the Old Era and Niende from a human language meaning Ninth.

    Personality: Cold, acts on instinct but can think things thru when the situation calls for it, unless needed he goes in for maiming strikes and combat torture via his lightsaber choosing to play and mock his weaker opponents. Seeks more knowledge of the Dark Side, be it a forgotten philosophy or a rare force ability, he's always looking to improve himself.

    Powers/Abilities/Skills/Weapons/Vehicles: Knowledge of Force speed, Force sense, Force sight, Force cloak, Force deflection, and Force lightning. Master of Mind trick, Drain Knowledge, Force Choke, Force Throw, Force Crush, and Saber Throw. Uses a TIE Advanced v1 from his days as an Inquisitor. Armed with a red double bladed spinning lightsaber similar to the Seventh Sister's. Uses Form VII: Juyo with compliments of Form VI: Niman/Jar'Kai. While aware of the other styles, he only picks and chooses moves to learn from them, such as Blaster Deflection and the Shien grip of Form V: Djem So/Shien. A competent pilot in his TIE Advance v1. His suit and armor contain a mix of Beskar and Cortosis in the armorweave.

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    Re: RP:Star Wars:Ride of the Renegades Bio thread

    Name: Owen Koga
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld:Concord Dawn
    Faction:Renegade Squad
    Occupation:Mercenary (Typical Bounty Hunting but also has been known to take jobs ranging from soldier of fortune to bodyguarding) (Former: Jedi Knight)

    Appearance:6'1", light skin, blue eyes, dark curly hair. He'll wear whatever he can grab, but recently he's managed to get his hands on a set of Mandalorian Armor. Armor is the traditional fare that has been blued while he wears a dark blue body glove underneath it. Over that he wears an olive drab poncho.

    Backstory: All is known was that he was born on Concord Dawn to two parents who fought during the rebellion. Father died in the final stages of the war, mother died in child birth. Due to the fact he had no other living family and his force sensitivity, he was given to the new Jedi Order to be tried. He was adopted and raised by a Shinai Koga, whom raised him like a son to her. She trained him in the ways of the Jedi, while also teaching him kindness, compassion, and respect for those around him. He had promise as a Jedi and would have been knighted had it not been for the loss of his adopted Mother Shanai (the details of how she died are known only to Jedi Master Joriah Kaine and Owen himself). Her loss devastated Owen, causing him to abandon the Order and go into a self imposed exile on Concord Dawn. It would be there he would rediscover his roots as a Mandalorian, being taken in by one of the clans there to be properly trained in their ways. He would later on down the road earn a complete set of his own, along with the various non Jedi weapons, while maintaining the disciplines Shinai had taught him. By age 20 he had left Concord Dawn a competent warrior and a skilled hunter, earning himself a decent living doing everything from bounty hunting to bodyguarding. Now he's being contacted by the New Republic and to be assigned to the Renegades. He only hopes he's getting paid well for this...

    Personality: Owen tends to come off as a professional at first, only talking when he's on mission or job. However, once someone gets comfortable around him they find Owen to be a rather warm and compassionate individual, albeit a bit of a klutz when it comes to socializing though he tries.

    Force Powers-Has the basic skill set of Force Telekinesis (Jump, Speed, Push, Pull) and Mind Trick, Skilled in Force Cloak (suppressing his Force Sensitivity to avoid his former order and any dark siders), Still learning Force Lightning and Force Deflection to enhance his skills. Is also reading up on the Nightsisters of Dathomir out of curiosity.

    Abilities-Aside from his force Powers, his a competent pilot and average shooter but its his saber techniques (be it with his lightsaber or his combat knife) that truly are testament to his discipline.

    Skills-Average with a blaster, average with piloting (basically competent enough to know how to use and evade), standard knowledge of the Force, hightly skilled in melee (specifically with a lightsaber), some skill with Slicing though only uses it when he's in need to get out of a situation fast. Concerning his lightsaber forms, he's proficient in Form V both in Djem So and Shien, though he's stronger in the former given his aggressive combat style when using a lightsaber. He applies Form's III and IV to his style to compensate for the fact Form V is not really good at defense.

    Weapons-His Personal Lightsaber*, hidden on his person in a secret compartment located on his armor. Emits a silvery blade when ignited. Carries a DC-17 Blaster he picked up during his sting on Concord Dawn, uses that in conjunction to his combat knife, stored on a holster on his right hip. The knife is a simple design, with some cortosis to deal with lightsabers but not enough to do much save disable, stored on a scabbard on the armor's webbing. Finally he uses an A280 blaster carbine for long-mid range combat.

    Vehicles-Pilots a Theta-class T-2c Shuttle as his personal transport. Nothing fancy except for enhanced shields and a better hyperdrive (at least one that can fit)

    Useful Links For Stuff Mentioned in This Bio:

    *Custom design, See belowF5 (2).jpg

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    Re: RP:Star Wars:Ride of the Renegades Bio thread

    Name: Renzo Ackgar
    Age: 45
    Species: Mon Calamari
    Homeworld: Mon Calamari, Dac in Mon Cala
    Faction: New Republic
    Occupation:Admiral and commander of the Unyielding

    Appearance: 1.6 meters, brown hue, yellow eyes, has six appendages under his chin.

    Backstory: Renzo was born in a relatively peaceful period for his people. As he grew older, he started to crave adventure and joined one of the local warrior groups at the age of 16. He soon found him self in space, protecting Mon Cal trade routes from pirates. But soon, he and his brothers would have to face more formidable foe, as the Clone Wars reached Mon Calamari. Renzo was in the first line of defense against the Separatist and their treasonous allies, Quarren. Despite the overwhelming odds, Renzo and his comrades fought off the invaders with help of the Republic. As the Clone Wars came to an end and the Republic transitioned into the Galactic Empire, Renzo fled his homeworld to join the fledgling Rebel Alliance. Given command of an Nebulon-B Frigate, he proved his leading prowess, destroying an Imperial Star Destroyer and crippling another during an daring escape from and failed raid on Imperial Ship Yard. By the Battle of Endor, he was promoted to Admiral and given command of his own personal fleet. By 13 ABY, he has received a new Flagship, MC90 class Cruiser. Latest in the long line of Mon Cal cruisers, Renzo decided to rename this ship, Unyielding, in honor of Mon Calamari people and their unyielding will.

    Personality: Renzo is as a typical Mon Calamari can be. Calm, collected, headstrong and creative. Avoids unnecessary risks, but isn't afraid to put his own life on the line to save others.

    Powers/Abilities/Skills/Weapons/Vehicles: Commander of the Unyielding.

    Useful Links For Stuff Mentioned in This Bio:


    - - - Updated - - -

    Name: Oscar Prowler
    Age: 57
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: ?
    Faction: New Republic
    Occupation: Commander of the Renegade Squadron

    Appearance: Large Build, 6"2, grey short hair, short sideburns, green brown eyes. Wears a pilots jacket most of the time when not in uniform.

    Backstory: Little is know about Oscars early years before he signed up to the Grand Army of the Republic in 22 BBY. He insisted to serve in the Starfighter Corps, denying all other options. His request was granted and he was allowed to join the Coprs. He gained a brutal baptism by fire in the Battle of Malastare, where almost 70 % of his squadron was shot down. Despite this, Oscar prevailed, rising to Ace status on his first mission. His exceptional skill noted, he was made a leader of his own squadron. Oscar went on to become of the few non clone Commanders in the Grand Army, leading his fighter wings to many victories. However, after the Formation of the Galactic Empire he disappeared for 17 years, only to resurface to aid the Rebel Alliance. No one knew where he had been or what he had done in the meantime, but one thing was certain, he had no love for the Empire. Volunteering his service to the Alliance, Oscar found him self again in the cockpit of a starfighter, this time an Incom X-wing, painted pure white with blue accents. He soon gained a nickname, Blue Lightning, due to his quick maneuvers and speedy hit and run attacks. Empire sent many of their elite squadrons to eliminate him, few returned. After the destruction of Alderaan, he became even more adamant in his quest to destroy the Empire. He kept flying until Battle of Endor, after which he retired for a few years, only to return to service after Grand Admiral Thrawn returned from Unknown Regions. Last four years he has served as an adviser and trainer for new Republic pilots. Now, following concerning developments, he has requested to return to active duty, this time leading a pack of scoundrels, smugglers and mercenaries known as the Renegade Squadron.

    Personality: Somewhat reserved,but authoritarian when need arises. Shows compassion to his comrades and values his men's life above all else.

    Powers/Abilities/Skills/Weapons/Vehicles: Pilots an Customized E-Wing in his signature colors. Carries DH-17 Blaster rifle into combat. Adept in hand to hand combat.
    Useful Links For Stuff Mentioned in This Bio:

    - - - Updated - - -

    Name:Jonah Woss
    Age: 30
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Faction:Pint's Imperial Remnant
    Occupation: Wing Commander of the Avenger Squadron

    Appearance: 6"2, Black short hair, brown eyes, tan skin

    Backstory: Born on Correlia few years into Empires reign, Woss was drawn from a young age towards machines and how they worked. Fixing scrapped droids, messing with repulsor engines, nothing seemed too difficult for Woss. As the turned 18, he joined the Imperial Navy, wanting to serve the Empire. He started flying Tie fighters soon after, in a few moths becoming a squadron leader and an feared ace among the rebels. Gave witness to Empires twilight as he participated in the Battle of Endor. After that crushing defeat, Woss kept flying, still believing to the Empire. As the years went on, he started to feel that the current Imperial Remnant was slipping further and further from the order of the Empire and in to chaos. After resurrected Emperor fell, Woss was among the loyalist who joined Moff Pint to rebuild Empire at an later date. Pint promoted Woss to Commander and signed him as a leader for his elite squadron, Avenger.

    Personality: Woss is a aware of his skill and of the acts a little brash to his men and superiors. He's very headstrong and is one of the few people who can talk down Pint.

    Powers/Abilities/Skills/Weapons/Vehicles: On ground missions carries standard E-11 Blaster. Pilots a Tie Defender.

    Useful Links For Stuff Mentioned in This Bio:




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