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    New, interested, and need help.

    I came across this nostalgia just yesterday and was wondering how much it would be worth? I also happened to come across this beautiful forum in my search. If anyone could help me out that would be great. I acquired two more gundams, but I don't think they are worth much.
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    Re: New, interested, and need help.

    It's not worth anything......I will PM you my address and I will get rid of it for you. I wouldn't want to burden you with that job, so I will help.

    In reality I'm not sure if they are really worth a hole lot yet. They are from the 90's some are getting worth a good bit but I don't follow it anymore.

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    Re: New, interested, and need help.

    Honestly, I don't believe that's worth anymore then $20.

    The only ones I've seen go for decent coin are army builders, boxed "real type colors" ones, and boxed battle scared or late US MSIA run figures.

    That particular gundam was and is very common and hasn't really obtained any value. Since yours is boxed, it does have some minimal though.

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    Re: New, interested, and need help.

    I think the only figures from the MSIA series that are really worth a lot seem to be the large guys. Xamel and the like.
    I say hold on to it for another 10 years and you'll probably see some return.


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