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    Re: RG 1/144 Gundam Unicorn!

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeta View Post
    Use a junk kit or some plastic spoons to test your paint. In fact, try making some paints samples of all those suggestions for a comparison.
    Yeah that is my typical method. Always test first. Esp. since I am new to airbrushing.

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    Re: RG 1/144 Gundam Unicorn!

    Finally got some time to work on mine over the weekend. Following the instruction which start at the feet, leg, hip, skirt, torso and stopped after getting part of one arm done. So far, every joint is tight, pieces fits together well and secure. If anything, it might be too secure as just the transformation of the knee joint to show the psycho frame was fairly tight. haven't even try the torso/chest transformation yet and this is a unpainted test build. I'm going to mark up the manual and note the moving/sliding portion of varies pieces so I'll mask them up before painting. Also, some of the pieces are very small so make sure you hold them securely before snipping them off the spruce. Many pieces also get inserted into larger pieces and the drawing in the manual could be larger/zoomed in on a few of them to show the proper orientation. Just don't force anything, It's it doesn't fit with a firm push, chances it that you had it at the wrong angle or orientation. hopefully, I'll have time to finish the arms and head in the next couple days and get some pictures up.


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