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Thread: Decals and Glue

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    Decals and Glue

    Hello, I'm new here, just wanted to get that out of the way.

    Anyway I just wanted to get some thoughts on something that came to my mind. What do you guys think about adding a layer of loctite liquid glue over a standard MG decal(not dry transfer, water, or foil, just the plain standard). Your thoughts? Going to test it out and see how it goes!!!
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    Re: Decals and Glue

    It might work, but I'd suggest spraying a layer of gloss or matte coat over a decal, it'll help the sticker stay in place like super glue would.
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    Re: Decals and Glue

    Super glue might fog up. I'd do a clear coat instead, but u do use glue for the occasional edge popping up.


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