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    Threads not posting.

    I have attempted posting threads twice and the software acted like the thread was posted but then it does not appear in the forum. The first time I thought I had just screwed something up myself but the second time I definitely posted right. Odd since I was able to post a thread last night.

    edit: Since this thread worked maybe it has something to do with the subforums posted in? The two subforums where it didn't work were the introductions and gunpla wips.

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    Yeah just tried posting in the WIP subforum again and still doesn't work. No error is given, it simply doesn't show up in the forum once posted.

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    Re: Threads not posting.

    IT is all good don't worry. The first couple of times you post it has to go through a monitor or administrator to get approved. After that you will be able to post away. Just let them get to you, they are a busy group sometimes.

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    Re: Threads not posting.

    Much thanks, I had no idea. Good to know.


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