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Thread: Gundam Versus

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    Re: Gundam Versus

    This was the first new Gundam game I had played in years. And I must say I am not impressed. Especially considering these are supposed to be the replacement for the old school 2D Gundam fighting games.

    The controls for this game are very poor. When I see game play of this game. I was thinking something similar to Zone of the Enders. But, its not...
    The mechanics of the game are just poor in general. And Changing button locations isn't going to help much.

    My biggest problem so far is the AI. The enemy AI seems to be okay. "Even if they will lock-on to you from halfway across the map and get a hit, Yet ignoring the Support Ai right in front of them" Which has to be my biggest complaint. The support Ai is terrible. It never listens to commands "I honestly wander if this mechanic is even in the game, or if it just says it is". And whats worse he will repeatedly will shot you as you go in for a kill.

    There's also not much too the game it basically only has three game modes. Online Vs, Trial, and the Ultimate battle? And Trail and Ultimate battle are basically the same thing...

    There's no story, no Bio on the Mobile Suits, no 3d viewer, no offline vs, limited music, limited Navi's, Not much of anything really...

    Needless to say I am very disappointed with this game. I am glad I only payed $29 for it. And at least I can sort of play with my friend. I say sort of because he has the Japanese version . So, there are strange issues. Like he has to invite me, I cannot invite him or it asks him to buy the game. And if we do a ultimate battle run together. When those special missions pop up we have a very high chance of being disconnected. We both load up in different missions. Than after we both disconnect.

    I expected more I guess. I just wish they made Gundam games as good as the old Zeonic Front. Loved that game.

    Hopefully, Gundam Battle Operations 2 will get a western release and I'll finally have a Gundam game I can sink my teeth into.

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    Re: Gundam Versus

    I hust picked up a PS4 and Versus a few weeks ago. I haven't bought PS+ yet but I plan to when I feel good enough to play online. Trying to SSS rank all the trials and beat hard survival before I do so. Almost have the trials dive. I keep getting SS on 8-10, and i keep losing Wave 50 in hard survival.

    The game rules, I love the cancels in mappable controller. My biggest complain is not being able to disable the button combos. I activate Special Shoot while trying to dash cancel normal shoot, or striker when I boostdive and shoot.


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