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Thread: Gundam Versus

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    Gundam Versus

    So, it's coming out in July on the PS4.

    I'm interested in the project but the lack of several main installments (G, X, AGE) and an apparent overabundance of 00 units from the first season alone (All Three Thrones are likely to be playable, with Zwei and Ein confirmed and Drei being a virtual lock), there are issues with the roster.

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    Re: Gundam Versus

    They always add other units later on. Something will show up from each later on. It would be a bit odd if they didn't. But I would not get too worried about the state it is in now.

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    Re: Gundam Versus

    Oh, I'm not that worried. The Thrones and G-Self are playable! That's all I ever wanted.

    I'm just saying there will be those disappointed by the selection.

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    Re: Gundam Versus

    As much as the lack of some series is dissapointing, for the series that do seem to be in, they seem to be going all out, Stuff like the Nemo (which hasn't been in one of these since GvZ) Graham's Flag (figured they'd just modifiy the brave to bring it in and the Jesta are all kind of neat, the full wing roster, that isn't sold as DLC down the line (they all made it into FB...eventually and it was scattered between OVA and TV versions) So yeah while it seems some series are out (and I'm salty about the seeming as of now, lack of G) they do seem to really be padding out everything that is included by putting more or less everything in, and there's still allot of reveal time.

    Plus for better or worse, depending on views (kind of in the middle about it) the rest will be padded out though DLC, hopefully there's reasonably priced season packs. I want my Dark hound damn it, since it was never added to EXVS FB even as it came into the sequels they never hawked it as DLC later on like they did some other suits, or hell, even free like that Vita game...I doubt that though.
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