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    ATRAN - fictional mecha WIP

    Hello everyone,

    This will be a wip thread for my "scratch" build of ATRAN (Advanced Tactical Reconnaissance Autonomous Navigator). That's the best combo of words that I could come up with, for its name.

    For the base of the main body I'll be using Gillette's trimmer holder:

    For the hip joints I've decided to use deodorant spray caps:

    so basically those are the main parts that I'll be basing my build upon:

    For the basic structure of the legs, I've used 1.0 mm evergreen sheet. I'll need to add some detail to those, in order to get rid of the square shape:

    I thought using clothespin as feet would be a good idea, but it looks like the feet need to be a lot more beefier looking:

    So that's the basic look for now, hope to update soon with some more progress...


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    Re: ATRAN - fictional mecha WIP

    Wow, when you said scratch build you meant it! Now I want to see how you get rid of the outline of the parts to make them no longer look like a trimmer holder, the spray caps should be relatively easy.
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    Re: ATRAN - fictional mecha WIP

    I love builds like this made out of random parts. Definitely following this wip!


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    Re: ATRAN - fictional mecha WIP

    Fantastic, a big fan of building like this.

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    Re: ATRAN - fictional mecha WIP

    Now this is interesting to see...
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    Re: ATRAN - fictional mecha WIP

    Hell yes, loving me some scratch building skills right there, keep it up.

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    Re: ATRAN - fictional mecha WIP

    Im curious on how this will turn out.


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