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    Re: [RP] Mobile Suit Gundam: The First Colony

    *a day later, far from the operation area, three ships joined the Great Astraia, the Black Vortex one of the newer generation ships and a Captain from House Ghiren, the Daizho, an older model ship that was still efficient and captained by a member of House Kycyllia, and the final ship, the bait/sacrificial ship, the Chtevro an ancient design still built, it's captain came from House Garma. The Pale Rider had been customized to Mott's specifications and moved to the Chtevro, he had been given a bag of needed items. Again the four Captain's laid out the plan, insert Mott and another potential spy into the Pirates by way of losing the Chtevro. The Daizho would be the first ship out there and request assistance, the Black Vortex shows up then within a few minutes both the Chtevro and Great Astraia join in from different entry points, when the Chtevro goes down is the signal the mission has begun in full, this was explained and discussed between the four with the Knight's present in only to be in the know, not there to interject*

    "Now that we've gone over it enough are we agreed?" asked Xastur, to which the other Captain's also agreed, "Good. Timing is everything, we'll sync up bridge times and enact a countdown. Run times aren't precise but they're close enough and it's going to happen on the boarder. So they'll notice."

    *meanwhile a group of pirate ships were on patrol as usual around Libra's space, a dark purple Columbus-class, a military green Magellan-class, a navy blue Papua-class, and another ship*

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    Re: [RP] Mobile Suit Gundam: The First Colony

    Mott looked at himself in the mirror after he popped in the fake eye, it didn't function but it looked natural. "Never going to get used to this." he said to himself. Looking at someone's face was odd, he wasn't used to it, and doubted he ever would be. After-all second time it's changed in just hardly four months. he though shaking his head. His face, or that or Iroquois van Der Linde looked to be in his late 20s early 30s, his hair was a lighter brown than Mott's with silver streaks in the side from premature graying, his hair was brought in much shorter as well, his eyes were no longer their usual dark emerald but instead brown (OOC: Basically looks like https://gineipaedia.com/w/images/a/a7/Kessler.jpg ). This Iroquois wasn't a bad looking man. Mott thought as he pulled away from the Mirror he wondered if thinking that was vein or complimenting a dead man as he left his quarters to head to the other ship he'd be on for this operation.

    Iroquois was at one time a real person, most of the story was legit, though he'd had died two years prior on a mission, Iroquois while he had a good record and was known in some circles in house Kycilla wasn't really well known enough to most to be missed due to his background in black ops and secret police work, This made him the perfect cover ID for Mott between Shepard's memory and his knowledge of house Kycilla workings, heading towards airlock his face didn't betray the worry about the mission, if anything most people would be confused asto why someone wearing captain's ranking markings with a Black and Silver dress Uniform was walking down the hall ways.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Czar of Dragon Pirate patrol Fleet formation

    Rabbia Adams or rather Ennio Morodor stood on the bridge of the pirate ship next to his Brother whom sat in the captain's chair of the ship, it stood out among the others a rare breed a King of Dragon class ship, a mostly defunct class due to it being designed for aerial combat instead of space combat a few however were adapted one such was a ship stolen centuries ago called the Czar of Dragon, Iggy Morodor's personal cruiser. The ship was green and had dragon wings painted onto the wings coming from the main hull, at the end of the wings stood two forward facing beam cannons, in the nose of the ship lay an even larger canon and down the spine of it were even more smaller turret like guns, it was designed as a raider the fact it was patrolling made it stand out, almost regally among the other ships. One could assume by looking at it that at one point some eccentric noble captain called this ship his own.

    "Patrols in a ship like this almost seems criminal brother." Ennio said.

    Iggy was silent for a few moments "It's all most ships do these days." he replied.

    Ennio looked at his brother who kept looking out the viewscreen his face mostly hid his disgust but it showed for a few moments. The fire inside him has died down in these twelve years. that fact was abundantly clear to him just from his few days back with the pirates. I shouldn't be too harsh the same nearly happened to me.

    "Don't worry brother if you're itching for a fight one will find us either way. Be it here or back home with your general reception."

    "Yes not as warm as I'd hoped from some but I don't care." he waved his hands "Some factions within our structure are always going to have issue with one thing or another. My mission was more successful than anyone predicted, so what if I ignored a few orders here and there." he chuckled as they slid though space. "By the way I'll need a new suit."

    "I have something back home you may enjoy." Iggy said. "A welcome home gift of sorts."


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