"Jack....Jack....Jack....You're in no position to dictate principals of honor. As it stands Kal and Xastur are correct in how to handle Jonas. If you wish to throw around accusations of challenges based off of an ancient law then remember this these challenges are to the death." spoke Alexander

"Yeah...Lord Greybere is totally right. The joke of House Garma must've found a real set down on the planet to think your words hold meaning." said Nambra, the youngest one there

"Furthermore, House Garma as a whole has been a joke for the past 300 years. Do you really think surviving Earth makes up for all that time?" said Kulu, "From my position you can try to uphold your father's honor, but everyone here knows he hasn't had honor since before I was born. Tales of how he rules House Garma with the head between his legs instead of the one on his shoulders are legendary."

"Nothing to say Jonas?"

"Jack stand down." replied Jonas, "Whatever honor and prestige you've gained from this experience should be saved for when it matters. Don't throw words like "honor" and "challenge" around without knowing the full meaning behind it."

"Besides, even in my brother's current state he'd slaughter you with no remorse." chimed Nambra

"Now Nambra, come now. Xastur's beat to all hell, even the joke Heir would get a few good shots in."

"Pfft....Fine, then I challenge the joke heir for daring to challenge our brother if that's how this is going to play out."

"....now I understand Balor's excitement in being told to stay out there and make sure it's all collected...." said Alexander, rubbing his forehead with his left hand, he raised his right and kept his index and middle fingers up before pushing them forward, to which a various number of laser sights started popping up on the various people, "While it may be non-lethal ammo, I'm at the point where I don't care anymore! Does anyone have anything fucking important to bring up now!!??"

"Oh. Kal. Babies growing healthy and on course." said Kara, breaking the tension, "One month down, eight more to go."

*Kal just smiled, Alexander while annoyed did also give a slight smile at the news*

"Alright....Kara wins that one." he said, "Lady Kara, please take over."

"Listen hear shitheads. Shut it and sit down. And I mean all of you, the shithead Knight's and the shithead nobles. You know who you are." she said staring out at everyone, "This is why we can't have nice things. One House has to fuck it all up."